Top State House Green Party Campaigns

This list was put together by Brent McMillan, consisting of Green Party campaigns for State House (or Assembly) seats. It includes all of the races that finished with over 15% of the vote in 2010:

  • Mark Miller for State Representative 3rd Berkshire District, MA 4,459 votes 45.0%
  • Jeremy Karpen for State Representative District 39, IL 5,354 34.7%
  • Fred Horch for State Representative District 66, ME 1,272 34.38%
  • Ben Manski for State Assembly District 77, WI 7,761 31.0%
  • Anna Trevorrow for State Representative District 120, ME 945 31.04%
  • Seth Berner for State Representative District 115, ME 1,002 27.93%
  • Charlie Howe for State Representative District 115, IL 7,178 24.91%
  • Cheryl Wolfe for State Representative District 11, MT 1,052 24.86%
  • Mark Swaney for State Representative District 90, AR 2,393 24.83%
  • Jack Lindblad for State Assembly District 39, CA 9,728 21.09%
  • Nicholas Payne for State Representative District 67, CT 1,366 20.34%
  • Rex D’Agostino for State Representative District 183, PA 3,482 19.1%
  • Mark Meyers for House of Delegates District 11, WV 768 19.06%
  • Cynthia Santiago for State Assembly District 51, CA 12,753 18.26%
  • Hugh Giordano for State Representative District 194, PA 3,547 18.1%
  • Lee Scott Laugenour for State Representative 4th Berkshire District, MA 2,483 18.0%
  • Kenneth Williams for State Representative District 29, IL 4,122 17.2%
  • Linda Macias for State Representative District 21, AZ 12,204 17.01%
  • Vince LaMie for State Representative District 105, IL 2,928 15.2%

Note the wide range of geographical locations, from Maine to California, Wisconsin to Arizona, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Montana, and Arkansas.

Ronald Hardy


  1. It would be really helpful to see the %s of other candidates to see if it was a race with a republican candidate, a democratic candidate or both.

  2. Yeah…I know Ben Manski had a major Democratic opponent, a Republican one, and a Constitution one. Jeremy Karpen just had a Democratic opponent. Hugh Giordano had a strong Democratic one and a Republican one. Mark Miller only had one opponent.

  3. Were there any state house races where the Green party finished ahead of one of the two major parties?

  4. Chicago Voter – Manski did. Hugh Giordano was only two percentage points behind the Republican, and he did win some precincts in his district. There were a decent amount of candidates in Maine who finished ahead of a major party opponent. I’m not sure about anywhere else.

  5. In my race, I finished second, ahead of the Republican and behind the Democrat.

    The official totals were 1,422 for the incumbent Democrat, 1,033 for the Republican, and 1,230 for me (the Green). The unofficial totals published in the paper were slightly different — they showed me with 1,272 votes — but it didn’t change the outcome.

    In 2008, the same Democrat candidate won with 49%, the same Republican got 38% and a different Green got 13%. This was my first campaign. Maine has very small districts, so it is possible to win by going door to door and meeting people. Between my business (I own a small store on Maine Street here in Brunswick) and my family, I didn’t have a lot of time to put into campaigning, but during the last month I tried to spend at least two hours a day knocking on doors. I had a phenomenal campaign team, and we were clean elections funded so we had plenty of money to spend.

    – Fred Horch, Brunswick, Maine

  6. Great job Fred. You and Ben and the others on the list and the many other Green Party candidates have helped move the party forward to 2012.

  7. For Linda Macias, her final votes totals (after all the early ballots were counted) were 17,181 votes (17.15% of the ballots cast). She ran against 2 Republicans (no Democrats in the race).

    Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair

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