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Arkansas News: Green Party says it deserves ballot access in next election

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The Arkansas News reports on the Arkansas Green Party:

LITTLE ROCK — The Green Party of Arkansas says its strong finish in several statewide races last week shows it deserves guaranteed ballot access in the next general election, though it failed to clear the hurdle set by state law.

Parties can get on Arkansas’ ballot either by collecting 10,000 signatures of registered voters or by receiving at least 3 percent of the vote in the most recent gubernatorial or presidential race. In some statewide races last week the Green Party’s candidates received more than a fourth of the vote, but its gubernatorial candidate, Jim Lendall, only captured 2 percent.

That means the party has to go to the trouble and expense of collecting signatures to get on the 2012 ballot, as it did to get on the 2010 ballot. read more »

WA Green Party to host Pacific Northwest Green gathering in Seattle Nov. 13

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The Green Party of Washington State (GPoWS) will be hosting a regional gathering of members (and potential members) of the Green Party on Saturday, 13 November 2010.  Greens from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, and beyond are invited to join us in Seattle for a day of fun, including motivational speakers, music, and food.

Participate in developing the Green Party vision.

Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

Discuss the state of the world and what we can do together to better it.

Learn how to form a Campaign Support System to encourage Green Party candidates and legislative measures. read more »

David Rovics to play Atlanta Benefit for GA Green Party Nov. 12th

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From the Georgia Green Party:

David Rovics will grace the stage at a benefit for the Georgia Green Party on Friday evening, November 12th at the Spring4th Center (in the SouthWest corner of Spring and Fourth Streets) at 728 Spring St NW in Midtown Atlanta, across the street from a parking lot, convenient to the interstate and two blocks from the North Avenue MARTA station.

Party supporters who can help with publicity and advanced ticket sales are urged to volunteer by calling 678-298-9463.

PA Green Party holding 3 events in Philadelphia Nov. 13-14

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Posted by Ross Levin at Independent Political Report:

This weekend there will be an open meeting of the Pennsylvania Green Party‘s state committee, a fundraiser dinner featuring Green Party activist Mike Nance answering the question, “Was Hericletus right?” and a pancake breakfast the next morning at the house of Green Party activist Hillary Kane, which is part of an effort to form a new West Philadelphia Greens group.  Both Nance and Kane were involved with Hugh Giordano’s campaign for state legislature this year.  Below are links to the facebook pages for each event, with more details.

State Committee Meeting

Singapore Dinner Fundraiser

Pancake Breakfast

New Zealand capital elects Green mayor

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A bit of inspiring news from beautiful New Zealand:

Celia Wade-Brown has become New Zealand’s first Green mayor – a moment being described as a “watershed” by the party leader.

Green Party members flocked to congratulate Ms Wade-Brown when her narrow victory over incumbent Wellington mayor Kerry Prendergast was announced yesterday, with co-leader Russel Norman, former leader Jeanette Fitzsimons and MP Sue Kedgley among them.

Although Ms Wade-Brown stood as an independent, she has been a member of the Greens for more than 15 years, and becomes the first party member elected to a mayoral office. read more »

Rich Whitney Leads Green Party Gubernatorial Results

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Illinois Green Party candidate for Governor Rich Whitney led all Green Party gubernatorial candidates in 2010 in total votes and percentage of the total vote, with 99,625 votes, 2.70% of the vote.

Only three times in history have Green Party gubernatorial candidates exceeded 10% of the vote. The first was in 1994, when Roberto Mondragon, who finished with 10.4% of the vote in New Mexico. The other two were in 2006, when Pat LaMarche finished with 10% in Maine and Rich Whitney finished with 11% in Illinois. (See a spreadsheet of historical Green Party gubernatorial candidates here).

This year was definitely a downturn for Greens running for Governor.  In Illinois the votes for the Green Party candidate were 1/3 of the 2006 votes. In California the Greens got half what they did in 2006. Massachusetts went from 42K to 32K, Maryland went from 13K to 11K, Tennessee went from 2,700 to 1,800, Minnesota went from 10K to 6K, and Nevada went from 6K to 4K. However the Green vote went up in Ohio (from 38K to 56K), New York (42K to 58K), Michigan (20K to 21K), and Arkansas (12K to 14K), from which you can cast your own theories.

In the post election chatter, some have questioned why Greens bother to waste the resources to run for Governor when the odds are so stacked against them. In some states, ballot access and/or recognition as a political party is based on gubernatorial returns. In other states, it has no impact at all. I would argue that running a green party candidate for a high profile state-wide race has several benefits.

First, it has the potential to influence the dialogue by putting Green Solutions out front next to the partisan, safe, and centrist positions of the two corporate political parties. It forces Democrats to ask why their candidate isn’t supporting what the Green Party candidate is supporting.

Second, it has the potential to raise awareness of the Green Party statewide. It has been noted that many voters have not heard of the Green Party. If a good Green Party candidate in a high profile race actually gets some media and equal debate access, s/he has the potential to get the Green Party message in front of tens of thousands of voters, and some of them might like that message enough to join the party or even run for office themselves.

Third, it gives all the Greens out there someone to vote for. There were over 400,000 votes cast this year for Green Party candidates for Governor. Think about it this way. There are 400,000 voters in the United States that would prefer a Green Party Candidate running their state than a Democrat or a Republican. That’s a lot of people. If we don’t run candidates, those voters are going to have to hold their nose and vote for another party’s candidate. The Green Party owes it to those Greens in America to give them a candidate to vote for.

Finally, political parties run candidates. That is how they are defined. If the Green Party doesn’t run candidates, they aren’t a political party. We should personally thank all of the Green Party candidates who ran for office this year, they gave the voters something Green to vote for.

2010 Green Gubernatorial Results

  • Rich Whitney (IL) – 99,625 (2.70%)
  • Jim Lendall (AR) – 14,525 (1.88%)
  • Dennis Spisak (OH) – 56,734 (1.51%)
  • Morgan Reeves (SC) – 19,807 (1.51%)
  • Jill Stein (MA) – 32,816 (1.43%)
  • Howie Hawkins (NY) – 58,123 (1.37%)
  • Laura Wells (CA) – 92,892 (1.22%)
  • Harley Mikkelson (MI) – 21,312 (0.66%)
  • Maria Allwine (MD) – 11,022 (0.64%)
  • David Curtis (NV) – 4,437 (0.62%)
  • Deb Shafto (TX) – 19,475 (0.39%)
  • Farheen Hakim (MN) – 6,188 (0.29%)
  • Howard Switzer (TN) – 1,886 (0.12%)

Maine Greens Applaud Passage of Instant Runoff Voting in Portland

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Maine Green Independent Party Candidates who ran for the office of state house and state senate ran strong campaigns, often finishing a close second in the race Tuesday night. Fred Horch, of Brunswick, ran a close second with 34% of the vote in District 66.

In Portland, voters approved the work the of the Portland Charter Commission that calls for the election of a mayor using instant runoff voting, a method of voting that allows voters to choose their preference of candidates by number.
“This is a great victory for the people of Portland and those of us who worked for this reform on the commission,” said Anna Trevorrow, a Green Independent candidate who finished second in her race for state house in district 120, against incumbent Diane Russell.
read more »

Half Million Votes for Green Senate Candidates

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The eleven Green Party candidates on the ballot this year for US Senate netted a combined half million votes. The 510,000 votes is the highest combined total for Green Party Senate candidates since 2000, when Medea Benjamin won 326,000 votes for US Senate in California and Vance Hansen picked up over 100,000 in Arizona.

The 2010 results were clearly led by Tom Clements in South Carolina, whose 118,000 votes gave him 9.37% of the total. Clements had the most votes and the highest percent of the vote of all Green Party US Senate candidates in 2010.

LeAlan Jones was the second big finisher with 116,000 votes, 3.19% of the total. Interestingly, in 2008, Kathleen Cummings running for US Senate in Illinois finished with 115,621 votes for 2.56% of the total.

All (unofficial) results for 2010 Green Party US Senate candidates:

  • Tom Clements (SC) – 118,952 (9.37%)
  • LeAlan Jones (IL) – 116,685 (3.19%)
  • Bob Kinsey (CO) – 36,323 (2.17%)
  • Jim Brewer (HI) – 7,756 (2.10%)
  • Jesse Johnson (WV) – 10,048 (1.91%)
  • John Gray (AR) – 14,402 (1.87%)
  • Jerry Joslyn (AZ) – 20,235 (1.43%)
  • Duane Roberts (CA) – 93,178 (1.19%)
  • Kenniss Henry (MD) – 19,324 (1.13%)
  • Colia Clark (NY) – 39,536 (0.97%)
  • Cecile Lawrence (NY) – 33,768 (0.83%)

Total: 510,207 votes (1.86%)

These are preliminary election results, subject to change.

For a spreadsheet that lists historical election results for Green Party US Senate candidates, click here. Much appreciation is shown toward Green Party Executive Director Brent McMillan, whose election database is my primary source for historical election information for Green Party candidates.

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party state convention Sun 11/14

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From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Event Date:
Sunday, November 14, 2010 – 9:00am – 6:00pm

No matter what your current party affiliation — and especially if you aren’t enrolled in any party — we’d like to invite you to our annual State Convention to hear us out, and to find out if the party behind the candidates you support this fall could be your home. We promise lively discussion, workshops, reports from the campaigns, and presentations from each of our candidates. No matter what the results are come November 2nd, this convention is going to be a celebration. Whether you gathered signatures for the ballot, contributed financially, showed up at rallies, or even simply wore a button and talked to your friends, our Party and candidates owe you a debt of thanks. Please join us so that we can thank you, personally, for all you’ve done. read more »

Howie Hawkins: We did it! Thank you!

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From New York Green Party gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins:

We did it! Thank you! We got the New York Green Party a ballot line for the next four years with over 50,000 votes. Thanks to everyone who worked for this.

We will continue to campaign for the Green New Deal of full employment, single payer health care, fully funded schools and colleges, a ban on hydrofracking, a clean energy transition to head off climate catastrophe and put New Yorkers back to work — and progressive tax reform to pay for it, starting with ending the $16 billion Stock Transfer Tax rebate to Wall Street speculators. read more »

Rich Whitney: A final campaign message to supporters

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From Illinois Green Party gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney:

November 4, 2010 – 12:34 am

Don’t Lose Heart! Cause for Hope Amidst the Disappointment
A “Final” Campaign Message (But Read On!)
by Rich Whitney, 2010 Green Party Candidate for Governor

To the hundreds of people who supported me in my campaign for Governor, and to the roughly 100,000 or so who saw fit to vote for me, despite the politics of fear that swept Illinois this election season, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We acknowledge our disappointment but are not consumed by it. We will assess the causes of our disappointing results but will not be obsessed by them. We live to fight another day, and fight on we shall. read more »

Green Party to Tea Party: What about military spending?

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The Colorado Independent has an interesting story about Colorado Green Party US Senate candidate Bob Kinsey:

In the nailbiter Colorado U.S. Senate race watched by the nation this week, Green Party candidate Bob Kinsey came in third place, after Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck. Kinsey pulled down 2.1 percent of the vote, i.e., yays from roughly 36,300 voters. That’s a lot of people… In the year of the Tea Party, however, Kinsey’s main platform position would have revolutionized federal spending and should have drawn the attention at least of self-proclaimed fiscal hawks on the right.

“My major focus is foreign policy,” Kinsey said. “I want to cut the military budget by 75% and use that money to create jobs. If you include in military spending the drug war, Homeland Security, the CIA, and other agencies, that’s over a trillion dollars a year. The AFSC calculated that you could provide every unemployed person with a $50,000 job [out of the current defense budget] and [just spending what was left over] the U.S. would still spend more on the military than any other country in the world.”

Soon-to-be GOP House Speaker John Boehner is talking a lot about reining in government even though he has yet to mention a program he plans to cut. You can bet his small government plan will come nothing close to the budget-slashing that could stem from a Kinsey plan.

Read the full story “Green Party to Tea Party: What about military spending?” at the Colorado Independent.

Al-Jazeera profiles Minnesota Green Party’s Farheen Hakeem

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Al-Jazeera English has published a detailed profile of Farheen Hakeem, a current Green Party US co-chair who has run for office several times in Minnesota, including a recent run for governor:

Every four years the US elects a new president. It is a process that is scrutinised the world over. But the democratic system includes many other, smaller contests which regularly reflect the nation’s character and mood.

The mid-west state of Minnesota was the first to elect and then re-elect a Muslim-American to Congress. And although it was a major milestone for US democracy, it did not necessarily indicate a wave of broad acceptance.

Farheen Hakeem, a maths teacher and girl scout troop leader, wanted to show her students and scouts that democracy is more than just casting a vote and that it can also be about faith.

In the following account filmmaker Sarah Zaman looks at a young Muslim woman that runs for office in Minnesota and tests the system.

Read and watch the whole story at Al-Jazeera English.

Fairvote election analysis: Non-majority rule (and solutions)

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From Fairvote:

Non-Majority Rule in American Elections

More than a Dozen U.S. Senate and GOvernor’s Races Won with <50%

A FairVote Innovative Analysis by Chris Marchsteiner / Rob Richie on “IRV” in NC

FairVote intern Chris Marchstein has done a weekly series of blog posts this election season from the “non-majority rule” desk, profiling the many stories from the fall about partisans running “faux” third party candidates to split the vote, major candidates being asked to drop out to avoid “spoiling” and examples of how our plurality voting system fails to accommodate voter choice. Following is his latest blogpost and an update from FairVote’s Rob Richie on the first-ever statewide general election with instant runoff voting.

Non-Majority Winners and “Spoilers” in Election 2010

Election Day brought big changes this year. Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives decisively, while the Democratic Party narrowly held onto the U.S. Senate. With a majority of the nation’s governors being elected, Republicans made key gains. While the media’s narrative will undoubtedly focus on the winners and losers, our Non-Majority Rule desk will zero in on how plurality voting rules skewed and distorted several elections – and led to some underhanded campaign tactics. read more »

Indiana Green Party Annual Congress

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Nov. 13, 2010, 11 am – 5 pm
All Souls Unitarian Church
5805 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46226-1526

For More Info Call 317.370.7682 and leave a message for Jay Parks.