Media Coverage of Bronx Greens Education Protest

From the NY Daily News:

If magazine exec Cathie Black can become schools chancellor without experience in education, why can’t a group of education experts run a publishing empire?

Green Party members put that theory to the test yesterday by dusting off their résumés and trying to apply for Black’s former gig as chairwoman of Hearst Magazines.

“I’m absolutely unqualified to run a public company, which is exactly what Cathie Black is to run the New York City public school system,” quipped Gloria Mattera, who has two graduate degrees in education and a son in the public school system.

The five job candidates vented about Black’s appointment by Mayor Bloomberg, and one of the protesters, Tom Siracuse, was armed with the “Guide to Successful Publishing” to show his eagerness to learn.

The group didn’t get far.

The candidates waltzed through the glass doors to Hearst headquarters and were greeted in the lobby by the deputy director of corporate security, Ted Lotti. He took their résumés and sent them a way.

Ronald Hardy

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