All We Want for Christmas is Ballot Access (Appeal for Help)

The Maryland Green Party is nearing the end of its petitioning deadline for ballot access and needs your immediate assistance:

The Maryland Green Party has maintained its ballot line consistently since 2002. In that time we have run a candidate for Governor in each election, for U.S. Senate for every seat that has come open, and many candidates for state legislature and county council. We have elected five party members to city councils.

Now we are asking for your support to keep us ballot-qualified for four more years. We have to turn in 10,000 valid signatures before the end of this year. We currently have 10,439 signatures in hand. This is enough to withstand a 4% rejection rate. Typically our rejection rate is 15-20%, so obviously we need to keep working to reach the safe goal we set at 15,000.

We have both volunteer and professional circulators on the ground right now. We have seen our professionals in action and know they will deliver for as long as we can keep them working. We have them committed for the next week but need $2,000 to keep them beyond that. We hope you can make a contribution today to keep our petitioners on the ground reaching for our goal of 15,000 signatures.

You can make an online contribution right now at http://mdgreens.org/donate . If everyone receiving this message contributes $10, we will reach our goal today! Thank you for your support of the Maryland Green Party.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Thanks to all who have contributed! Since this entry was written we have reached over 12,500 signatures, which is enough to withstand a 20% rejection rate. But we still have signature gatherers on the ground working for insurance signatures, and we need to raise funds to copy our petition sheets. If anyone can make a contribution today, please do so at http://mdgreens.org/donate .

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