Green Party Meetings (Jan 31-Feb 6, 2011)

Local Chapters of the Green Party are meeting across the Nation this week. Does your local chapter have a meeting or event coming up? If so, let us know! GPW@greenpartywatch.org See our Events Calendar for other meetings and events.

Tuesday February 1, 2011 – Hernando Greens (Florida)

6 PM at the Spring Hill Library, showing the film “Capitalism: A Love Story” followed by a meeting and discussion.

Wednesday February 2, 2011Arlington Greens (Virginia)

7 PM at the Clarendon Silver Diner, 3200 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA

Thursday February 3, 2011Alleghany County Greens (Pennsylvania)

7 PM at Citizen Power, 2121 Murray Ave, 2nd Floor, Pittsburgh, PA – General Assembly meeting, electing new officers.

Thursday February 3, 2011
Long Beach Greens (California)

7 PM at Polly’s Coffee, 4606 E. 2nd St., Long Beach CA – Meeting

Friday February 4, 2011Clark County Greens (Nevada)

6 PM Meeting, contact them for location: http://clarkgreens.org/

Friday February 4, 2011 – Phily Greens (Pennsylvania) Tom Neilson Show and Fundraiser

7 PM, Roxborough Development Corporation, 6156 Ridge Avenue, Roxborough, Philadelphia. $20/person cover (includes food and drinks). Tom Neilson, www.tomneilsonmusic.com, specializes in songs of nonviolence, liberation and human rights.

Sunday February 6, 2011Orange County Greens (California)

2 PM – Super Slow Food Bowl Party! Featuring speaker Heather (Stoltzfus) Westenhofer for our February General Meeting. She will be serving up a Power Point presentation, along with bread and butter made on the spot in a Super Slow Food Bowl gathering! We hope you can join us for this special get together. Irvine Ranch Water District 15600 Sand Canyon, Irvine, CA


US Greens declare support for pro-democracy protesters

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders in the US announced the party’s support and encouragement for nonviolent protesters in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, and other nations in the region who have taken to the streets in demand for an end to corrupt and oppressive regimes.

• Green Party ‘Egypt in Revolt’ page with news feeds http://www.gp.org/egypt.html

“The Green Party of the United States supports democracy, here and throughout the world. We hope that the protesters in Egypt succeed in deposing President Mubarak, and we’re thrilled to see so many young people stand up against dictators. The best outcome would be for Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia to improve economic conditions for their populations and embrace democracy, equal rights and protections for women and for ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities, and freedom of the press. We condemn the brutal responses to the protests, including police violence and the shutdown of the Internet,” said Dr. Anthony Gronowicz, 2010 Green candidate for Congress in New York’s 7th District and a member of the party’s International Committee (http://www.gp.org/committees/intl).

Greens noted that the threatened regimes, especially Egyptian President Mubarak’s administration, were propped up by the US for the purpose of serving US interests such as access to oil and other resources, the maintenance of military bases on foreign soil, and unequivocal support for Israel’s brutal occupation and apartheid system.
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Arizona Greens Surpass 5,000

The Arizona Green Party has increased Party registration to over 5,000 voters. According to the Arizona Green Party, this is an increase of almost 500 Greens since last August. From the AZGP:

2010 marked the 20 year anniversary of the Arizona Green Party and they look forward to broadening their base by educating voters on their progressive positions on local and national issues. “Most people have this notion that a stereotypical Green Party member is this hippy tree-hugging environmentalist, and that isn’t always the case,” says Luisa Evonne Valdez, who was recently elected as AZGP Co-Chair this month. “What people don’t see enough of is the social justice and economic reform that the Green Party fights for. We focus on 10 Key Values that encompass a wide variety of issues. We believe in Single-Payer Health Care for all, we have been against SB1070 from the beginning, we believe in Marriage Equality and Equal Rights/Protections for our LGBTQ communities, we want to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes, fight for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget that is based on fair taxation and not dependent on sales tax or through slashing funding for our most vulnerable populations. We support conservation of our land and resources, protecting our parks and wildlife, as well issues like strengthening our middle class and increasing green jobs in Arizona through clean energy. The more we can create awareness for the diverse and all-encompassing issues we strive to achieve, the more people will understand that being Green is more than just hugging trees, it is about restoring civility and humanity through compassion and common sense.”


GA Greens: Save taxpayer dollars by cutting jail costs

(Distributed by the Green Party of the United States)

Georgia Green Party


Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

For further information, contact:
Bruce Dixon, 678-298-9463 x3
Press Secretary, Georgia Green Party

Greens Demand Real Reductions in Incarceration Costs Reject Deal Reforms which Fail to Challenge Racist Impact

After last week praising Governor Deal’s expressed concern for the wasted lives, drained treasury and depleted workforce left in the wake of the nation’s war on drugs, Georgia Green Party leaders today rejected Deal’s specific proposals.

“None of this will meaningfully impact the budget, end the state’s social control of non-violent and victimless behaviors, nor undermine the racial caste system created by our current policy,” said Hugh Esco, Secretary of the Georgia Green Party. “The state’s disparate enforcement and prosecution of the drug use of working people while ignoring that of wealthy people costs our communities in ways far beyond those mentioned by the Governor the other day. The impacts are as venal as Jim Crow.”

Governor Deal is quoted as saying: “For violent and repeat offenders, we will make you pay for your crimes. For other offenders who want to change their lives, we will provide the opportunity to do so with Day Reporting Centers, Drug, DUI and Mental Health Courts and expanded probation and treatment options. As a State, we cannot afford to have so many of our citizens waste their lives because of addictions. It is draining our State Treasury and depleting our workforce.”

Greens have criticized Georgia’s policy of mass incarceration, which rises to the level of recreating a racial caste system. As so well documented in a recent book on the subject by Michelle Alexander, it is legal to discriminate in matters of housing, public assistance, education, employment, participation on a jury and voting for those labeled criminal. And a series of Supreme Court decisions have made it impossible to effectively challenge the disparate enforcement, prosecution and sentencing which leads to the disproportionate
incarceration of black men and the immigrant community.

“The cost savings proposed by the Governor are a fraction of what we might enjoy were we to actually address the real harm caused by our rush to lock up our neighbors,” said Bruce Dixon, Press Secretary of the Georgia Green Party. “Most of the costs of this misguided policy are born by the families and children and communities of those we lock up. Deal has not even offered much here for the taxpayers. We had hoped for more.”

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Georgia Green Party
Georgia Green Party/Challenging Mass Incarceration


Alberto Bocanegra, Jr. for Chicago’s 12th Ward

Alberto Bocanegra, Jr., Chair of the Cook County Greens, has apparently raised over $50,000 in his campaign for the 12th Ward Alderman in Chicago against incumbent George Cardenas and 3 other challengers. Cardenas has raised over $135,000 according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

From his website:

12th Ward Committeeman Alberto Bocanegra, Jr. was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, and is a Native son of the 12 ward. Alberto graduated Shield Elementary, located in the 12th ward, and Curie High School. He also attended Fox College.

By the time Alberto was 20 years of age, he opened a successful Labor Employment Agency where he employed over 2,000 people every day. Throughout his business career Bocanegra demonstrated care and concern for people. His revolutionary policy of providing free transportation to job sites encouraged the city council to entertain an ordinance codifying a similar idea.

Alberto is a proud member of the organization that made the March 10th Immigration and May Day mega marches possible. He was featured on newscasts seen worldwide as he confronted Minutemen organizers. As the Chairman of the Cook County Green Party, Bocanegra has fought against corruption and injustice in all parts of the city. Alberto has fought hard for affordable housing, particularly in the 12th ward. Active supporter of F.A.D Families Against Drugs where he received a Certificate of Appreciation in recognition of many selfless hours spent working to improve Brighton Park.


Matt Reichel Claims Victory in Chicago’s 47th Ward Forum

There was a candidate forum for the open 47th Ward seat in Chicago last night but no press about it today. Matt Reichel, one of 4 candidates seeking the open seat, claimed victory:

Reichel emerged from the debate as upbeat as ever: “This debate marked a clear victory for the Reichel camp. I was the most energetic, determined and progressive of the candidates, and provided the most well-founded and realistic solutions to the problems facing this city.”

While the debate remained civil throughout, the candidates did find room to inject friendly jabs at one another. In response to Reichel’s pleas to the community to join him in cleaning out the ward organization and removing the machine influence that exists there now, Tom O’Donnell disparaged Reichel and claimed “This isn’t about “machine” this or “machine” that. This is about getting things done.” Reichel retorted: “With all due respect, Mr. O’Donnell, the Democratic machine is very real, and poses a real road block to getting anything done for the 99% of us that are not integral members of it.”

Mr. O’Donnell is a long-time member of Ald. Schulter’s ward organization.

Reichel continued: “Our progressive and populist message resonated most with voters in attendance, who were also impressed by the enthusiasm of our campaign. Today, we have made a big step forward to victory on February 22nd.”


Chuck Turner Sentenced to Three Years

According to Boston.com:

A federal judge today sentenced Chuck Turner to three years behind bars for accepting a $1,000 bribe, a stinging rebuke to the former Boston city councilor.

US District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock rejected an appeal for leniency by defense attorneys, who had asked that the 70-year-old civil rights crusader receive probation and be spared prison because of his more than four decades of service as a community activist and elected official.

Woodlock’s stiff sentence came at the urging of prosecutors, who accused Turner of lying on the witness stand and making a mockery of public office and the criminal justice system. They had sought a prison term of 33 to 41 months.

After a jury convicted him in October of attempted extortion and three counts of providing false statements to FBI agents, Turner maintained his innocence and blamed his conviction on a government conspiracy to discredit elected officials of African-American descent.


Green Party “State of the Union” Livestream

Go to the Green Party Livestream and livechat – Party with the Green Party

• Green Party LIVESTREAM: Greens discuss the speech during tonight’s broadcast, 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus

• Greens on solving the deficit: end the wars, cut the military
budget, tax the rich. Greens on solving the health care crisis: enact Medicare For All. Greens on jobs: a ‘Green New Deal’ with massive public investment in green jobs and clean energy.

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party leaders offered comments on President Obama’s 2011 State of the Union speech to Congress and the nation, scheduled for Tuesday, January 25. The Green response covers major issues the President will discuss in his speech, as well as topics he won’t address.

The Green Party will air an online livestream with party members discussing the State of the Union, beginning at 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT, and running concurrently with the speech. Viewers can watch and participate on the Green Party Livestream channel (http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus). Call-in comments will be accepted on Skype after the speech ends.

“There’s a lot of talk about Democrats and Republicans ‘reaching across the aisle’ during the State of the Union. What about the gap between Washington and the rest of the country, much wider than the aisle between the two Titanic parties?” said Carl Romanelli, 2006 Green candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania.


Should the Democratic health care reform bill be repealed? Yes, say Greens, and replaced with a Medicare For All plan — legislation for single-payer national health care, covering everyone regardless of ability to pay, age, or prior medical condition, while allowing freedom to choose one’s physician and hospital. Medicare For All reduces costs dramatically by enabling price controls and because Medicare’s overhead is only about 3%, while the for-profit health insurance bureaucracy — the real “death panels” — pad costs by up to 30% for administrative overhead, executive bonuses, and profits for investors. Medicare For All would help business and stimulate the economy by relieving employers of the burden of providing health benefits.

Obamacare and the Republicans’ effort to overturn it demonstrate that the leadership of both parties care more about profits for the insurance cartel, Big Pharma, and other corporate interests than high-quality low-cost health care for everyone. The Obamacare mandate (originally a Republican idea from the 1990s) forces people who can’t afford it to purchase defective, inadequate coverage from private insurance companies, while doing nothing about skyrocketing costs.

The narrow Democrat vs. Republican debate on health care, which refuses to allow even the argument for Medicare For All, proves the need to get Greens elected to Congress and state legislatures.


There are millions of jobs waiting to be created in alternative energy, retrofitting of buildings and other forms of conservation, and expansion of public transportation to reduce car traffic, say Greens, but this can only happen with a ‘Green New Deal’ with public investment in these ideas at national, state, and local levels. All of the Green New Deal proposals have become vitally necessary in the century of global warming. See “Fast Forward to Renewable Energy” by Cecile Lawrence (http://www.greenpapers.net/?p=58).

Such measures face a huge political obstacle: opposition from Republicans and “moderate” Democrats who insist — contrary to all evidence — that the best way to stimulate the economy is to reduce government spending (by $100 billion, according to the GOP), slash taxes on the highest income brackets, privatize essential public services and resources, and send taxpayer-funded bailouts to reckless Wall Street firms.

The White House and Congress can reduce the deficit drastically by ending the wars and occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, cutting military spending and the number of US bases on foreign soil, and taxing the wealthy so that they pay their fair share. Future meltdowns can be averted by breaking up the “too big to fail” financial firms into smaller locally-based companies. The Green Party’s goal of a decentralized economy, based on Main Street rather the Wall Street, will restore economic stability and security to the US.

Instead of shilling for Wal-Mart’s grocery section, First Lady Michelle Obama would do far more good by promoting local produce, small farms and businesses, local banks and credit unions, union jobs with good benefits at stores like Walmart, extended compensation for the unemployed, and aid for people dealing with home foreclosures, said Greens. Ms. Obama’s promotion of Walmart coincides with efforts by the chain to open four department stores in Washington, DC, over the objections of many local residents and merchants.


On the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision upholding the legal status of corporations as person under the US Constitution, Green Party leader Sarah ‘echo’ Steiner announced that she intends to take the Supreme Court at its word and honor her marriage when she finds a suitable candidate. See “First Ever Marriage to a Corporation Contemplated by Single, Female, 39″ (Jan. 18 press release, http://www.gp.org/press/pr-national.php?ID=384), as well as an interview and other links on the Green Party’s home page (http://www.gp.org).

The decision, which abolished limits on corporate spending for
political campaign ads, severely damages the integrity of US elections and caused a flood of misleading and offensive corporate-sponsored ads in the 2010 election season.

President Obama and some other Democrats initially criticized the Citizens United ruling but have taken no further action. Greens have urged the President and Congress to recognize that the growing power of corporations threatens democracy, economic stability, and human rights and freedoms in the US and abroad. The Green Party, along with Move To Amend (http://www.movetoamend.org), supports passage of an amendment that limits constitutional rights and protections to humans and makes corporations accountable to their own charters and to the public good.


Rosanne Barr to seek Green nomination?

In the 2008 Presidential race, Rosanne Barr endorsed Cynthia McKinney for President. Now it would seem that Barr is interested in running for President of the Untied States, and Prime minister of Israel at the same time. Her Presidential campaign announcement, recorded near the White House, focuses on the damage patriarchy has caused and the current “system’s” total inability to fix the problems it has created. In many ways this is an echo of Sonia Johnson’s Presidential bid in 1984.

It should be noted that Ms. Barr is a comic and the title of her latest book is


She has said in recorded interviews that she wants to seek the “Green Tea Party” nomination.

Part 2 of the announcement is below the fold.
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Green Party Events (Jan 24-30, 2011)

Does your Green Party local chapter have an upcoming meeting or event? Send the information to gpw@greenpartywatch.org and we’ll post it here and on our events calendar page!

Thursday Jan. 27, 2011, 7 PM The People Speak – A Community Screening

The Green-Rainbow Party is sponsoring a free screening of the documentary “The People Speak,” which is based on Howard Zinn’s writings and the book “Voices of the People’s History of the United States.” This event is occuring on the first anniversary of Prof. Zinn’s death. Lenox Community Center, 65 Walket St., Lenox, Massachusetts 01240

For more information, please contact Berkshire Greens at:

Sunday Jan. 30, 2011, 1:30 PM – Green Party of Maricopa County (Arizona) Organizational Meeting

Sunday, January 30th, 2011—1:30pm to 3:30pm (arrive early!)
Phoenix Public Library (Mesquite Branch—meeting room)
4525 Paradise Village Parkway North, Phoenix AZ 85032
(the library is located on the north side of Paradise Valley Mall; across the parking lot from Dillard’s)

Tentative Agenda

• Election of GPMC Officers/Steering Committee for 2011-12
• Update of Arizona Green Party (AZGP) ballot status petition drive for 2012; recruitment of volunteers
• GPMC Goals for 2011
• Fundraising—recruitment of monthly sustainers