Maryland Green Party Submits Ballot Access Papers

The Maryland Green Party has reported that they have submitted to their Board of Elections 14,842 signatures to qualify for the ballot for the next two election cycles, 2012-2014.

This should be enough to give us 10,000 valid signatures, although the Board of Elections has been whipsawed by court decisions over the past two years that first made validation of signatures much stricter and then returned to a more reasonable standard. Litigation is ongoing so we can’t know for certain the outcome until the BOE finishes checking our signatures.

The effort was helped by a number of out of state Greens, particularly Audrey Clement of Virginia who crossed the border to work the cold weather on multiple occasions.

Ronald Hardy


  1. What a classless act. The Baltimore Green Party has never advocated Michael Bloomberg for any political office and has always supported the Green Party’s nominee. Way to turn Maryland’s celebration into a shameless plug for your personal project under a deceptive name. If you’ve got any spine, you will quit these games and build a movement under your own identity. The GPW moderators have caught you before, and they can be assured now that the first comment on this story is some false flag bullcrap.

    Brian Bittner
    Chair, Baltimore Green Party

  2. I have removed the two comments from Mr. Campbell for once again violating our policy against posing as someone else on this site. Thank you Brian for noticing this. I have banned him (again).

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