British Green Party leaders speak out on police infiltration

Mark Easton of the BBC reports on Mark Kennedy, a police officer who “infiltrated” environmental groups in Great Britain. Kennedy apparently lied to environmental activists about his identity, interests and goals, and found himself in the leadership of some of these groups, even handling meetings and finances.

Green Party Assembly member Jenny Jones comments on news that a second officer also “infiltrated” environmental groups, saying

We have state spies, embedded in a fairly fluffy ‘domestic terrorist’ group that has no plans to kill anyone and that is trying to raise awareness of the potential lethal effects of climate change.

Helen Pidd at The Guardian is also reporting that Hans-Christian Ströbele, a Green Party member of the German Parliament, is suggesting that Kennedy might be subject to prosecution in Germany.

If it turns out to be true that he committed crimes, charges should be brought against him and he should be put on trial.

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