Green Running in Connecticut Special Election

Rolf Maurer is running for Connecticut State Senate in District 27 in a Special Election to fill a vacant seat. The Daily Stamford is covering his race with this story:

If you live in state Senate District 27, you might get a visitor this weekend asking for your help. Stamford resident Rolf Maurer wants to fill the seat vacated by Andrew McDonald, and he plans to canvass the community this weekend. Not only will he distribute leaflets, he’ll also seek signatures for a petition. As a third-party candidate, Maurer needs to collect 251 signatures to get on the ballot for the special election set for Feb. 22.

“We’re going to go door-to-door,” said Maurer, a Green Party candidate. He has run for office before, most recently in November for the 148th House District seat held by Democrat Carlo Leone, who won re-election with nearly two-thirds of the votes cast. Republican Phil Balestriere came in second, and Maurer was a distant third.

In the races Maurer has entered, he has received only single-digit percentages of the vote. But that doesn’t deter him. “It’s a matter of perseverance,” he said. “I’m trying to stimulate public awareness of the Green Party in Connecticut.”

Twelve years ago, Maurer traveled to the Vancouver region for an extended period. He was impressed with the efficiency and affordability of the Canadian mass transit system, and believes Connecticut can improve its options for alternative transportation, among other enhancements. That’s a major plank in his platform.

The state’s banking system is another. Maurer would like to see Connecticut follow a Bank of North Dakota blueprint. His proposed Public Bank for Connecticut would be “a credit union or community bank on the state level. The economic development of the state would be the result, rather than commercial [goals].”

He has more ideas, but Maurer said he must first get on the ballot before he can consider how to implement them. His deadline is Tuesday. The Senate district includes part of Stamford and Darien.

The Stamford Advocate also covers Maurer’s campaign, quoting him saying

“Connecticut would be on a more vibrant economic footing if it focused on family businesses and entrepreneurs, who pump money back into the state instead of sending money to multinational shareholders.”

Ronald Hardy

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