Three Green Party Co-chairs Resign from Steering Committee

Last week three members of the Green Party (US) Steering Committee resigned their positions as co-chairs of the Party days before two of them were to face votes to “Recall” them from office. Craig Thorsen (CA) and Mike Feinstein (CA) were both facing votes to remove them as Steering Committee members based on allegedly removing proposals from the Green Party National Committee’s online voting application without authorization. The third, Julie Jacobson (HI), who was not being recalled, had indicated that she was involved with the actions of the other two to remove proposals before the National Committee could vote on them and was the first of the three to resign from the Steering Committee.

The Green Party (US) Steering Committee consists of seven elected co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary, all elected for staggered two year terms. The resignation of the three members effective last Friday leaves the Steering Committee with three vacant seats out of nine positions. Elections to fill those seats will likely be held by the Green Party National Committee in February of this year.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I am no longer enrolled in the Green Party. But, I still work with many Green Party activists and causes. I also have dealt with some of the characters in this story before.

    It is always frustrating when there is conflict in a group, and something drastic like this happens.

    Though, I have to say that I am pleased that “the grassroots” held Steering Committee members responsible. For a long time, there had been procedural problems with the way the Steering Committee has the power to handle proposals put forward by the state. It was one way the national made the whole organization too top heavy.

    So, I see these resignations at the pressure of a recall as a positive in many ways. A positive show of possibility and of muscle on the part of the states and wider National Committee.

    In addition, on the main webpage for gp.org, the Steering Committee is listed as “just another committee” in alphabetical order. I don’t believe that reflects the reality. The Steering Committee is a kind of executive committee (in practice, at least.) So, they should probably be featured in some way that people know they are the ones “to complain to” about national issues. It seems to me like hiding out for them to be listed after media, platform and other committees.

  2. Good to see the steering committee doing some house cleaning. The time-wasting and toxic interactions at the national level really impede the party from effective outreach, fundraising, expansion, and candidate support.

  3. As many of my former Green Party friends and allies say

    There is a fascinating soap opera on right now.
    It is called “As The Green Turd Turned.”

    Deeply ironic isn’t it? Mike Feinstein is the leading delegate from California. At one time the state of California had one of the largest amounts of evil, evil Ralph Nader supporters. They have all virtually fled the GP. In fact that was one of the huge issues with the Nader supporters and their (perceived) disenfranchisement. The strength of the California Delegation on the National level.

    The California Delegates (and Hawaii) now vote in unison with Mike Feinstein.

    What makes this really fun is that the aforementioned issue that Mike and Company tried to keep from voting on was, in part a statement to the International Greens. Part of the statement was on ISRAEL.

    Mike Feinstein is a Zionist.

    Most of the people in California who left the California GP are opposed to the racist state of Israel. Most “evil” Naderittes were/are anti-Zionist.

    What makes this REALLY FUN is taking the earlier article of the

    Open Letter To A Broke Green Party

    From California..

    You know who did so much of the very necessary and needed WORK of calling, organizing and every day grunt work to build and sustain a political party of opposition in California?

    Nader supporters. People like Nativo Lopez in South California, organizing with the Latino population.

    This is like, the ultimate Karma Man.

    Which is PRECISELY what those of us who considered Nader supporters as ALLIES and friends to be DEFENDED warned the National Green Party about.

    As the Green Turd Turned indeed.

    Carry on. The lessons of the past 10+ years have been taken into account.

    Time to build an alternative to the pro-war, corporate money party with two wings.

    Like we really mean it.

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