Two views of the Green Party

Ross Levin offers a diary of goings on in the Green Party in the Philadelphia area. Titled “Keepin busy with the Philly Greens – a march, a dinner, a meeting, and a concert”, Levin details upcoming events in the area, including a concert by Tom Neilson, a march to end foreclosures and an upcoming membership meeting.

In another article at OpEdNews, writer Joe Giambrone writes about his frustrations at what he sees as the failure of the Green Party to make itself available to those who are interested in getting involved. The article, titled “An open letter to a broken Green Party”, details his frustrations at websites that are not updated, emails left unanswered, and party registration that did not result in his being contacted by the state party.

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  1. I agree with the Glambrone. The Iowa green party website is dead, dead, dead. None of the email addresses are currently active. So I can not get involved with my local greens presuming I want to. I also agree with the dem infiltrators view. I have run into many greens that advocate lesser evil thinking and I think they are closet dems.

  2. Funny, the Iowa Green Party has gotten several recent inquiries about membership and activities, and the email addresses I’m aware of worked fine. Dameocrat doesn’t seem to have been among them.

    The IAGP is at a low level of activity, with some activity in two or three towns/cities. more recently, a sub-committee formed to start exploring outreach, recruiting involvement and candidates and strategizing for the future. I can’t say more, it’s still classified, but if any Iowa Green is interested in becoming involved, they can contact the standard email address at iowa@greens.org or any one of the local contacts on our website.

    As for closet Dems, it’s a frustration, as many Greens will jump the fence when it comes to caucuses, support for Dem candidates, etc. Not sure what the solution is other than more and more viable candidates, especially for winnable races. Infiltration? I’m guessing not, until the Iowa Greens re-gain more of a presence. Then They’ll be kicking our butts…..

  3. Thanks for posting this. The march went really well. And Cheri Honkala, the national coordinator of the Poor Peoples’ Economic Human Rights Campaign, said that if the Philly sheriff didn’t meet our demands (an end to foreclosures!), she might have to run for sheriff with the Greens…

    Dameocrat – it looks like there are people working on what you’re talking about in Iowa, but even so, if you’re interested, then no one is going to do the work for you. You’ve got to step up to the plate and be the Green Party representative in your area and your social circle, and do whatever you can to get it going.

  4. I feel like I need to say something here. I have no idea about Iowa, but Dameocrat has reached out to me personally at least twice, offering to help pull together a sort of social media set up for us here at Green Party Watch. I have done a terrible job of staying in touch with her, and I regret that. She’s made an effort, and I failed her, at least so far.

    That said, it does depend in large part on where you are, the unity of the local group, and leadership. We have virtually no full time operatives. Most all of us do what we can when we can. Many of us are doing multiple things at once. Your average Green Party leader, at whatever level, is also likely to be running a food coop, leading the local peace group, fighting local pollution battles, and trying to survive on skimpy wages. This is not to say that we can’t do better, we can, but we do have to realize that most of us do what we do out of love for humanity and the planet, while Democrats and Republicans are able to hire folks to do a lot of what we must count on volunteers to do, when they can.

    Ross, thank you for doing these things. You inspire me, and I know I am not alone.

  5. Thank you, Greg. And of course you’re right, too. Even if you do try to do these things it can be extremely difficult and extremely frustrating and time-consuming. That’s not meant to be discouraging…just, truthful, I guess.

  6. I recently joined the Green Party about 6 months ago and it’s been a pure uphill battle as far as getting people to respond on time. It’s pathetic. What they hell are they doing at the state and national “headquarters?” And I live in California!

    The California Green Party sent out emails outlining a new campaign that will help add 100,000 new members in the next two years with mostly paid organizers, along with grasroots activists. But the phone number listed on there was the wrong one and I had to go on Facebook to find the person listed on the email, where they gave me a new number to call. I have called that number about 3 times, left messages, and I still haven’t got a response.

    I have noticed a recent upsurge in the amount of activity surrounding the Green Party locally and nationally.

    The only thing I ask is to update websites, have phone numbers where people can be relied on to answer, make phonebanking a priority where we can contact lingering registered Greens who want to help but have kind of stopped being active, and start getting paid organizers. I cannot stress the last part enough.

  7. Oh yeah, forgot one last thing.

    That Events Calendar page should be filled with something. At least put some notable local Green Party’s and the days they meet. Maybe put up some local chapters from cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and any other major states/cities. That’s so easy a caveman can do it. Don’t just wait to put up major events. I bet even the major events will probably not even be added to it.

    Here let me do the easy parts. Go to google, type in a the Green Party you are looking for(state or city) call them and ask them if the information is correct on the days they meet. Then put that event up in the events calendar. That’s it.

    Perhaps send an email to registered Greens informing them about this website. Just use the database of registered Greens.

  8. Another idea: Have a search feature here on Green Party Watch where you basically type in your zipcode and it locates th nearest Green Party meetup. Is that possible?

  9. Eddie,

    These are some great ideas, I like the zip code one.

    The Events calendar on this website had been updated for some time but I confess that I haven’t had the “down time” at work to do it over the last 4 months. But you nailed it – it was intended to list local and state party meetings. When I first started working on it I would go from state party site to state party site, local to local, and it was shocking how out of dates some of the sites were. I decided that unless a meeting announcement specified a current date (rather than third thursdays or something like that) I wouldn’t post it.

    I will make updating the Events Calendar here a Priority

    I have also been thinking about putting together a list of ACTIVE local chapters and posting it here.

    Green Party Watch is not directly affiliated with the Green Party (although most of the contributors are). This website is not an “arm” of the Green Party in any official way. It is meant to fill the gaps between what greens are doing and the reporting of that – lack of media attention, lack of Green Party news. But this website is also an opportunity for people to come up with new ideas, even start new Green Party initiatives. We need some better opportunities for that as well.

    Thanks, Eddie, we’ll work on this!

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