Media Coverage of Alex White for Rochester Mayor Campaign

In a tightly contested March 29 Special Election for Mayor of Rochester, NY, the Green Party has officially endorsed Alex White, brushing off Democrat Harry Davis who sought the Green Party ballot line.

Local media coverage:

WHEC: “Green Party endorses Alex White as mayoral candidate”

Today, the Green Party announced it has chosen Alex White to run in the special election for mayor of Rochester.

The Green Party has previously publicly denounced the decision of City Council to hold a special election.

Green Party Co-Chair Scott Brant said, “Although we are opposed to the manner in which we must concentrate our resources, we are prepared to make sure voters have a choice in this election.”

Democrat & Chronicle: “Alex White tapped as Green Party candidate for mayor”

Saying the Democratic candidates for mayor have had their chance, Green Party nominee Alex White on Tuesday said he would seek creative solutions to address crime, poverty and the city’s budget shortfalls.

“The question we should be asking is not how did we get here or who to blame for this, but how do we fix the problems?” White said.

WHAM: “Alex White to Run for Mayor on Green Party Line”

White’s likely opponents are former acting mayor Tom Richards and former mayor Bill Johnson, who are both vying for the Democratic nomination. Johnson said he’ll seek a third party line or form his own party as a back-up.

“They both had chances in Rochester and Rochester has not improved in the time period that either of them were there,” White said.

Alex White is on Facebook, and you can read more about his campaign and platform on his website.

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