Reichel, Bocanegra Fall in Chicago Primaries

Municipal Elections were held in Chicago Tuesday, in a low turnout primary election where if no candidate gets 50% of the vote there is a run off election. Two Greens were on the ballot, both losing in the primary.

In the 12th Ward, Alberto Bocanegra, Jr. came in 4th of 5 candidates, finishing with 321 votes (6.63%).

In the 47th Ward, Matt Reichel finished 3rd of 4 candidates with 605 votes (3.21%).

In a statement on Facebook, Bocanegra said: “Unfortunately we didn’t get the outcome we expected. People are so disgusted with politicians that they refused to come out and vote.”

Ronald Hardy


  1. Actually, the turnout went up in the 12th Ward from the last municipal election in 2007 (~4400 to ~4900).

  2. Very, very disappointing result from both of them. Bocanegra because he had raised so much money and gotten so many endorsements, while Reichel had experience running in the area.

    I think a Green in Carbondale and one somewhere else moved on from the primaries…we’ll see if they win in November…I did a post about it on IPR.

  3. My 2 cents on this is that after last year election and this muni election, the Illinois Green Party needs to take a long look how run campaigns in Illinois. I dont think what they are going is working and if that doesn’t change they will be just be an interesting foot note in Illinois Political history.

  4. The Green Party in its haste to throw a body—any body—into Chicago’s 26th Ward aldermanic campaign. The Greenies overlooked the vetting process. The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times extolled his youth, praised his verve, and failed to do their jobs. Is the Green Party in the business of endorsing convicted petty thieves: Devon Reid. He belonged to a crew of shoplifters operating in Kohl’s Department Store in Lincolnwood. His arrest papers listed him as an “accomplice … selected merchandise … and other suspect … proceeded to exit without paying.” Exhibit #1: Village of Lincolnwood vs. Devon Reid, Case 10MC2050260, Retail theft, shoplifting. Reid bereft of integrity, conveniently overlooked self-disclosure. Reid promoted himself endorsed by the Green Party.His Green Party handlers committed a disservice to their party and the voters. Or, maybe the Greenies don’t care that their name is associated with a corrupt thief. Who is more corrupted? The endorser or the endorsed? Memo to Devon: grow up, develop some character, and return to college.

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