Alex White Online Chat Sunday Night

Participate in a live chat with Alex White, the Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Rochester, NY.

The chat will be at http://www.livestream.com/greenpartyus at 8 p.m. EST until 9 p.m. EST, Sunday March 6.

Alex White is running in a special election for Mayor of Rochester, NY (population 220,000) against two Democrats. The election is March 29, and he could use your help.

Alex is a small business owner who has developed a very thorough and innovative platform for the city, a model for other Greens seeking or considering local election.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. It’s time…The two (one) party system has to end. I’ve been getting nothing but large glossy smear mail from the two D candidates…against each other? And neither has a plan that they’re willing to share….promises, promises. Let’s spend more on entertainment options to bring wealthy suburbanites into the city or lets take old public buildings that are unfit for the homeless and renovate them into unaffordable housing….
    It’s time….

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