Green mayoral candidate and Nader’s VP candidate Matt Gonzalez named chief attorney of San Francisco’s Public Defender

Posted by Ross Levin at IPR:

For some time, Matt Gonzalez represented the Green Party as well as his constituency on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. He also ran what was perhaps the most competitive Green campaign for mayor of a major city in US history, losing by about six percentage points to Gavin Newsom. He later left the Green Party and became Ralph Nader’s running mate in 2008. Now he is back in power in San Francisco, having been appointed to be the chief attorney of the city’s Public Defender’s office. From The Bay Citizen:

He is now returning to the public defender’s office, where he worked as a deputy public defender from 1991 until taking office as supervisor in 2001.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced at a staff meeting this morning that Gonzalez would be taking over as chief attorney, effective immediately, spokeswoman Tamara Barak Aparton said.

“We wanted a top trial lawyer who understands our work, has a commitment to our clients and a dedication to preserving the resources that allow our office to function,” Adachi said in a statement.

He said Gonzalez’s experience in the courtroom and at City Hall makes him an excellent fit for the chief attorney position, which involves overseeing and managing all internal operations of the public defender’s office, and also participating in budget planning and negotiations.

The chief attorney is essentially second-in-command to the public defender, Barak Aparton said.



  1. This is great! Perhaps we should convince him or promote the fact that we have a former Green in an important position!

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