GPUS International Committee issues statement on Japan crisis

The GPUS International Committee has released a statement on the situation in Japan. The full text is below the fold.

Green Party of the United States

Shuji Imamoto
Satoko Watanabe
Green Party of Japan

Dear Shuji and Satoko,

On behalf of the Green Party of the United States, we extend our deepest sympathies and concern to the victims of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant disaster in Japan. With great sorrow, we also acknowledge that Japanese Greens’ warning against the dangers of nuclear power has now become a reality.

We stand ready to aid our fellow Green Party members and the people of Japan in whatever way we can.

In solidarity with you all,

Marian Douglas-Ungaro and Justine McCabe,
Co-Chairpersons, International Committee
Green Party of the United States


Romi Elnagar, John Rensenbrink, and Bahram Zandi
Representatives to the Global Green Network,
Green Party of the United States

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