Raise Money, Register Greens on St. Patrick’s Day

The San Fernando Green Party launched a campaign to use St. Patrick’s Day as an opportunity to register new Greens and donate to the Green Party.

The facebook page here says:

Wear Green, tell your friends about the Green Party, encourage citizens to register with the Green Party, do a fundraiser, do some tabling locally, donate to the Green Party, host a fundraiser at a pub or bar, hand out green party flyers in front of a supermarket, wear a green party pin, contact a long-lost green party member, have a garage sale, visit 15 homes and inform them about the Green Party, anything to raise awareness for the Green Party!!

Just telling a neighbor or a friend about the Green Party will help the movement…If not now, when?

Coincidentally, the National Green Party has a campaign to raise $50,000 by April 1st in a “Greens Vs. Greed” theme, stating:

“What’s happening in our country right now IS all about the money. It’s about our wealth, as a country, being redistributed away from we the people and sucked up to the top. The Green Party stands firmly in opposition to the USA becoming a nation of poor people serving their overlords.”

A $100 donation on that website will get you a “Greens vs. Greed” t-shirt. More from the website:

Greens say: Basic health care is reasonable to expect. Prevention costs less in the long run. Jobs should be as safe as possible. Greed says: They must squeeze the last drop of profit from dirty & toxic energy types leaving our future generations to deal with the poisoned world. Greens say: We have the technology for clean & affordable energy sources. We KNOW that we can find solutions & we must stop their pollution.

Greens are grassroots. We will not take the bribery money from corporations. We stand up against a controlled media that blocks truth, because the truth hurts profits for someone that buys their ads. Greens are free to speak truth to power.

Greens will use your donation wisely. We are used to doing more with less. We’ve won elections where we were outspent 10 to 1. That is why Greens are still growing in our country and as a worldwide federation. We are all up against an entrenched system which is starting to falter. Greens have the organization to lead on to a sustainable future.

So which is it for you? Greens or Greed? Who will you choose to support? If you help Greens get our voice out and keep our candidates coming we CAN GROW stronger. Any old “change” will not do. We need the fundamental and honest change that can only come from a party that puts you first. It will NEVER come from those who want to keep the same old system. We can do more with less, BUT we DO need your help. It’s a choice.

Follow the White Rabbit of Greed downward into a ever more dismal Wonderland that only they control? Or will you empower the Greens, who will work side by side with you? We are in the same boat, sisters and brothers. Are you going to help steer it, or be swept away?

That is your decision: Greens vs. Greed

Ronald Hardy


  1. GPNY has on their website a 4 leaf clover with the 4 pillars of the Green movement: grassroots democracy, social and economic justice, nonviolence, and ecological wisdom. This could be a fun thing for Greens to hand out at parades and other St. Paddy’s day events:


  2. Really appreciate it. But I’ll be honest, this should have been posted at least a week ago. People need a couple of days to figure out how to work around their schedule. But other than that, thanks for listening!

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