Rochester NY Mayoral Election Today – Green Alex White in Three Way Race

Today’s special election to elect the Mayor of Rochester, NY, population 210,000, features three candidates – a Democrat, a Working Families Party, and Green Party candidate Alex White.

White, a small business owner, is running on a “Platform of Hope“, which he says “…grows Rochester through jobs for all, more community involvement, greater transparency, community policing, and a public utility.”

Thomas Richards, the Democrat, was a city lawyer and deputy Mayor. William Johnson, who lost the Democratic Party nomination to Richards, was Mayor from 1994 to 2005. After losing the Democrats nod Johnson fished around for a third party to nominate him, winding up with the Working Families Party.

As Johnson and Richards have gone after each other, Alex White has campaigned hard for the short 6 week period and demonstrated strong knowledge of city government and passion for the people.

From the Democrat & Chronicle:
“Mayoral candidates vary on how to best serve residents”

Lacking a comprehensive review of the Focused Investment Strategy, White questions the results. “Has poverty gone down? Has urban blight decreased? Have property values increased? … I don’t think it has given us the returns we wanted.”

Election results will likely be reported at the Democrat & Chronicle later tonight.

Ronald Hardy

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