Nine percent for White in Rochester Mayor Race

Unofficial results show Green Party candidate Alex White finished third with 9% of the vote in the special election for Mayor of Rochester NY. White, a small business owner, ran a spirited campaign that was based on strong ideas.

From the Democrat & Chronicle:

White, 47, took pride in garnering more than 2,000 votes, saying it was about as he expected and it “gives us something to build on.” The political newcomer ran on the Green Party line. David Atias, White’s campaign manager, rejected any notion that the candidate had played the role of a spoiler.

“These were Alex’s votes. He worked hard to get them. If anything, they were taking (votes) away from him,” Atias said.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Man, 9% with only 2,000. Imagine if some college students or outraged Regular Joe’s helped out with his campaign. Easily could have tripled the vote percentage.

  2. I think his campaign had a lot of support or he wouldn’t have gotten 2,000 votes. White was a political newcomer running against two established (entrenched) local politicians – former Mayor and former “acting” Mayor, in a partisan race. Sometimes in a race like this when the odds are stacked against you the “win” is in influencing the debate, forcing topics such as poverty, neighborhood inequality, energy efficiency etc. to be covered and addressed by both the press and the other candidates. I think White showed that the Green Party in Rochester is for real.

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