After receiving 9% in mayoral race, Rochester Green garners respect for himself and the party

Below are two news stories focusing on how, although he lost, Green mayoral candidate Alex White ran a strong campaign, building up his own reputation and that of the Green Party in Monroe County, New York.  That’s certainly a good thing with regards to their upcoming special congressional election, in which the Greens are running the famous prank caller of Governor Scott Walker, Ian Murphy.  Also below are the vote totals for the mayoral election.

From ABC in Rochester:

In more than two dozen candidate’s forums throughout this campaign Alex White made it a point to present specific ideas and solutions to city voters. He firmly believes he challenged the two front-runners to begin conversations about the issues.

“I think they would have spent the whole time talking about the Fast Ferry, Neighbors-to-Neighbors, and whether or not the DUffy or Johnson administration was better at engaging the community,” White said in an interview on Wednesday. “I think I took votes from both of the candidates…”

While he won’t rule out another campaign in the future, White was quick to say, “I would hope that thre are other candidates that are as strong or stronger than me running on the Green Party line in the future.”

White also believes one of his campaign agenda items may be adopted by the new Richards regime. White said both Johnson and RIchards expressed support for his plan to install LED Street Lights in the city. White argues it makes sense, it’s easily possible, and it simply saves too much money in the future to be ignored.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

The mayor’s 2011-12 budget proposal is due in mid-May. Also on the agenda is naming a deputy mayor and corporation counsel — jobs Richards once held. Richards plans to take office once election results are certified on April 11. He said Wednesday that he plans to speak with Johnson and Green Party candidate Alex White about carrying forward some of their ideas.

And the vote totals:

Tom Richards
Democratic Line — 12,270

Bill Johnson
Working Families — 7,914
Independence Party — 2,534

Alex White
Green Party — 2,182



  1. I get why you don’t endorse Dems or Reps, but what makes you greens so morally superior that you couldn’t have cross endorsed with the two other minor parties? It’s not like you have any one in office, any legislative victories you can point to. All you do is run spoilers and talk about how morally superior you are to everybody else. Well, it’s really easy to be superior when you don’t actually have to do anything like, you know, legislate. I believe in sports they call that monday morning quarterbacking.

  2. Actually, if you would do any research, the Greens HAVE cross endorsed before in the USA, and we have had people elected to state legislatures, mayoral positions, and city councils. I have already been working with the Libertarians and Peace and Freedom Party to build up a coalition. The thing is, some Greens are tired of endorsing Democrats or Republicans because they sure as hell would not do that to us. Then there are some Greens who advocate voting for the lesser of two evils. The morally superior argument? Ok, I guess Ill just go with the morally un-superior argument from now on…because the democrats and republicans have given the greens the chance to legislate and we screwed it up…oh wait, they haven’t…

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