Green Party is Right Wing’s New “Boogeyman”

Typically Democrats and Republicans (and the media) ignore the Green Party whenever possible, but lately there has been a shift in attention as conservative groups are starting to use the Green Party to scare and influence voters to vote for or against other candidates.

Case in point – the Wisconsin Supreme Court election on April 5. The conservative incumbent, David Prosser, has suddenly found himself in trouble in a race against Madison attorney JoAnne Kloppenburg, an Assistant Attorney General. The race has grown to major significance because the collective bargaining rights bill that the GOP passed will likely be addressed by the Wisconsin Supreme Court to determine whether it is legal. If Prosser retains his seat on the Supreme Court than a Conservative bloc will make that decision, while if Kloppenburg wins the race, a “Liberal” bloc will likely overturn the law. Consequently labor unions and others are throwing everything they have to get Kloppenburg elected.

Prosser and the the conservative groups that support him must be feeling the heat, and two weeks ago they began to go on the offensive against Kloppenburg. Among the many charges they have laid against her include her association with Ben Manski, the Green Party candidate for State Assembly who won 31% of the vote last November.

Here is what the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (a pro-business lobbying group) sent out in a fund raising letter last week:

WMC Issues Mobilization Council, Inc. is launching a television ad campaign to counter the distortions from government unions and their allies about Justice Prosser. Justice Prosser has been a solid, rule-of-law jurist who has taken on the activist wing of the court. Kloppenburg, who has never been a judge, has strong ties to Wisconsin’s extreme left, including endorsement by the former national co-chairman of the radical Green Party, Ben Manski.

Prosser himself has added the “Green Party Boogieman” to his talking points, using it on public radio interviews and at forums. Here is a quote from Prosser’s piece in the Madison Capital Times:

My largely unknown opponent hides her extreme ideological views behind a Mary Poppins persona. A candidate who supports Green Party candidates and principles should be willing to admit that publicly. A candidate who won’t forthrightly acknowledge her views disrespects the voters’ right to make an informed choice.

And now, days before the the April 5 election, the Green Party has been invoked in Letters to the Editor across the state. See for example the Oshkosh Northwestern, Steven’s Point Journal, Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter, Appleton Post Crescent, WiscNews, etc.

Will this tactic work against Kloppenburg, (who is NOT a Green Party member, by the way), or is this the last desperate attempt to save Prosser’s seat?

Next case: Oklahoma City, where a run-off election for a City Council seat between Charles Swinton, a banker, and Ed Shadid, a spinal surgeon, who apparently ran as an Independent candidate for State Assembly last year with the backing of the Green Party. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being spent on the City Council races in Oklahoma City, and with this district the last one to be resolved, Shadid has become a target. The mailers being sent out speak louder than words (click for full size image):

The Green Party – the Right Wing’s new “Boogeyman”

Ronald Hardy


  1. Note: Green Party Watch is cited as a “source” on one of those flyers. Honored, truly.

  2. Similar things are happening in Puerto Rico, our right to be an independent nation is being denied to our people . Independence for Puerto Rico now!!!

  3. They must know the people are abandoning the right wing dems for the greens so they have switched to demonizing greens.

  4. Oh no, he’s a vegetarian, too!

    We’ll see if this is a bad thing. It does get us attention, and it’s a bit refreshing to see our side attacked the same way Democrats attack the tea party and such…it shows there’s something they’re afraid of.

  5. Yes, this is the first time I’ve seen “vegetarian” used as a slur.

  6. Ronald, then you obviously haven’t been hanging around the “right” kind of people. Don’t you know ‘vegetarian’ is an old Indian word for ‘bad hunter?’

  7. I take offense at the depiction of the Green Party bird. That bird looks totally stressed and he’s gritting his teeth, which birds don’t normally have. Why couldn’t we be the “happy” green bird? Just who are these “happy” greenish outside special interests?

    Actually the Oklahoma thing is funny. And not a bad depiction of Shadid’s values. If I lived there, he’d have my vote.

    OTOH, guilt by association is the oldest dirty trick in the book. It appears Manski endorsed Kloppenburg. How does that prove what her views are one way or the other? Smells of desperation.

  8. “Sir, we’ve recently learned that Mr. Shadid lives ‘off the grid’.”

    “You mean he never watches football?”

    “It’s not that…”

    “He doesn’t use graph paper when he does geometry?”

    “We’re really not sure, but -”

    “Do you mean to tell me that he drove his race car off the track?”

    “Not exactly, sir. He’s a vegetarian who lives in a solar-powered house.”

    “Great Scot! This madman will destroy us all… assemble my finest team of political attack dogs!”

    “Very good, sir. Shall we depict the Green Party as a zombie eagle?”

  9. “They must know the people are abandoning the right wing dems for the greens so they have switched to demonizing greens.”

    Where is their any evidence of people abandoning the Dems for the Greens?

    Lets be realistic hear the Right Wing has no fear of the Green Party, the only way the right wing would fear the Green Party is if showed some kind of real political power which is something that the Greens have not shown yet.When the Green party shows that they can compete against the two major parties on a large scale and win major races, then they will be a major concern to the two major parties. At the moment the Greens are only a threat to Democrats as “spoilers” for the most part. While I suspect that the majority of the voting public in that race have no idea who the Green party is but that there is probably a fair minority, that rightly or wrongly, do view the Green Party as radical and being made up of the fringes of the political element. That what they are aiming at.

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