Cynthia McKinney:President Obama Gets His Groove Back By Attacking Africans

Atlanta, Georgia

5 April 2011

President Obama promised “change” to the people who voted for him.  He told them to hope again and that change would come.  But President Obama’s change is really more of the same.  Therefore, his elixir that was sold to the world was nothing more than snake oil.  The most damage, of course, is being done to those whose dreams were intricately woven into his words, not realizing that words are not policy.  In a most deadly treachery, those who believed in our President the most are the ones who are now suffering and dying the most.

Some people, to this day, remain tricked by the salve of words for the wounds inflicted by our President.  Others have begun to sink into despair while some search for answers.  But our President is adept at giving us, in the words of the late, great Fred Hampton, Chicago’s other son, “answers that don’t answer, explanations that don’t explain, and conclusions that don’t conclude.”  It is to those searching for answers that I refer to my previous writings compiled on the websites below and to the writings of Bruce Dixon and Glen Ford and the entire BlackAgendaReport.com team and of Wayne Madsen whose writings can be found at WayneMadsenReport.com.

In Rosa Clemente’s and my 2008 Green Party “Power to the People” Presidential campaign, I tried to warn the attentive public of what was to come under an Obama Administration:  even I could not imagine that it would get this bad.

I knew that dissent would be intolerable under an Obama Administration, enforced both from the Black political consensus and from the Democratic Party wingnuts–quashing dissent even with all of the attendant special interest burdens that come with any aspect of the Democratic Party.

I knew that the Muslim world was going to be in for a shockingly rude awakening, but even I could not conceive of the carnage this President could bring to that part of the world–either by a policy that encourages Muslims to kill other Muslims, or by the dropping of bombs and the use of depleted uranium on Muslim communities.  But not only that, we are seeing the murder of whole countries and the communities and cultures that gave rise to them. The President’s policies are dismantling and dismembering Pakistan and Afghanistan as we watch.  The U.S. Embassy in Iraq announced plans to employ a total of 16,000 people, doubling its staff, within the next two years.  The only antidote to these policies is unity and I hope that the residents of these countries are able to unite and resist in a much more effective way than have “antiwar”  “liberal” communities inside the United States. Of course, some individuals stand out and are leading the resistance now and I can only hope that their voices are heard and multiplied among the masses, both here and around the world.

I do believe that Henry Kissinger was onto something when he marveled at the tremendous good will that this President has around the world and I do believe that Henry Kissinger, among others, sought to use that good will for their own purposes.  After all, when you buy a President, like a slave, he becomes yours. It is clear now, that the people of the United States did not buy this President and so they do not own him.  There are clear winners from the policies currently being pursued, but they are not the people.

Speaking of Henry Kissinger, let me just say this about him and his minions:  When I was in the Congress, I received a phone call from Alassane Ouattara from aboard Henry Kissinger’s yacht. I had received many such calls from people wanting to benefit from my good reputation within the human rights and peace community in the United States and they wanted me to sell their particular potion of iniquity to people inside the United States and to the world. Usually, these people were the kind of people accustomed to buying the consciences of public persons, so my “no” resounded rather sharply to them, and I earned yet another set of crosshairs on my forehead, I guess.

Alassane Ouattara and his Zionist wife, Dominique, were seeking my assistance–or maybe my silence–in his effort to become President of Ivory Coast.  I applaud Laurent Gbagbo in his efforts to stave off imperialism in Ivory Coast, one of the few African countries that has not one iota of a relationship with the U.S. military. However, Democracy Now, FOX, CNN, AP, Reuters, and all the rest didn’t tell you that when they ran their many stories about Ivory Coast. While the world will celebrate “democracy” arriving in Ivory Coast once Gbagbo is gone, the exact opposite will actually be the case.  Handing Ivory Coast over to Henry Kissinger and his ilk is the policy of the Obama Administration. I guess, President Obama is proving his worth:  perhaps no one could have done it better.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Look at what President Obama’s policies are in Haiti!  When the devastating earthquake struck there, only the fifth in the entire history of that country, President Obama sent in the drones when the people needed food, shelter, and medical relief!  How is that any different from George W. Bush and Michael Chertoff who sent men with guns into New Orleans, military and mercenaries, after Hurricane Katrina when the people really needed food?  Now, because of President Obama’s policies and his complete prostration before the Vicars of the Imperium–that is, the Clinton Family–who call the shots on the future of the Haitian people, Haiti can only see more struggle against domination in its future. Hillary Clinton went to Haiti to snatch self-determination from the Haitian people in the victory of Jude Celestin and to instead select a musician buffoon who once mooned his audience in a concert for Haiti’s Presidency, all with the smack of legitimacy granted when one can successfully threaten the Election Commission with revocation of visas to the U.S. and control the Organization of American States and the United Nations that has troops of occupation there.

Had George H.W. or W. Bush or John McCain or any Republican done any of this there would be enough hot air to float the Hindenburg!  The streets all across the United States would be aflitter!  There would be animation in the Congress enough to make John Boehner cry!  Instead, however, the very people who wield official power and who could stop this madness because they supposedly represent the interests of the people, silence themselves and let this happen.  Unity, again is the antidote–the sand that can be thrown by a few into the gears of the machine.

But, there is also pernicious collateral damage from our President’s policies right here in the United States in the African-American community that brought itself up from slavery and U.S.-styled apartheid.  President Obama has hastened the collapse of Black wealth in this country even as he feeds the beast of the bankers.  And, although our President can be counted on to roundly condemn Black men on Father’s Day, it seems that is the only treatment for which our President actively searches out Black people–for criticism and condemnation.  The so-called Black Farmer “settlement” provides money for everyone but the initial Black Farmers who stood up and filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture, but who now stand to lose 1.5 million acres under President Obama’s watch.  Under this President, Black people can be condemned, but not repaired.

As a result, sadly, Blacks are slipping back more and more into economic and cultural servitude and political irrelevancy.  And Michelle Alexander’s clarion call in her book entitled “The New Jim Crow,” reveals the true state of Black America. Just one tidbit from Ms. Alexander:  “More African American men are in prison or jail, on probation or parole than were enslaved in 1850, before the Civil War began.”  According to a recent Economic Policy Institute report, Black family wealth has fallen to just $2,000 while that of White families rests at $94,600.

But, I have spouted these statistics for the past 20 years as they got worse and worse.  I have done everything that I know to do to try and warn the next victims of what these policies all mean for them.  And at a time when Japan is spewing radioactive material across the planet, our President goes to India and Chile hawking more nuclear potions while limiting the companies’ liability when there is a disaster!  The winners in all of our President’s policies take their rewards to the bank.  Woe is unto the rest of us.

Finally, I have said too many times to recall the number, that politics is not a beauty contest, nor is it a popularity contest.  Politics is about power and policy.  And unless we cast our votes for the candidates who represent our best policy options, then we are practicing the politics of self-abnegation.  Nowhere is that more clear than in the case of the Black community where even thoughtful critique of our President is unwelcome.  I want so much to change the world, but feel like Harriet Tubman must have felt when she approached slaves who did not want to be free because they didn’t even know that they were enslaved!

Link: http://www.facebook.com/notes/cynthia-mckinney/president-obama-gets-his-groove-back-by-attacking-africans-by-cynthia-mckinney/10150141611341139


  1. I must say I was really turned off by her inexplicable support for a dictator, and her shrill conspiracy theorist tone. I sincerely hope someone new steps up to seek the presidential nomination.

  2. Ben Schattenburg,

    Things like this is the reason that most of the public dismiss Cynthia McKinney and that she was the presidential candidate for the Greeen Party is part of the reason that many people the Green Party. Its one thing to oppose US actions in Africa its another thing to do so in a way that screams conspiracy theories and that praise someone that has order attacks that amount to ethnic cleansing. The more that public associates people like Cynthia McKinney with the Green Party, the more they will see the Green Party as political irrelevant and made up of fringe elements.

  3. The criminal conspiracy known as the government of the United States has, IMHO, not had an election since 1996, the “hanging chad” election’s abortion of 2000, and subsequent overrule by our undeniably corrupt Supreme Court has signaled (the end) of our representative republic and ushered in the new oligarchy of big money and media control. If the American people are stupid and ignorant enough to think that Bush REALLY got reelected in 2004 and that a black man with a Semitic name could get elected in 2008, they are indeed credulous!

    And just what IS the difference between Bush2 and Obama? The massive giveaway to banking? Insurance? A (third) war (Libya)? Bagram? Gitmo?

    What a tragic joke!

  4. Really respect Cynthia Mckinney, one of the very few politicians in America today with courage and integrity to speak the truth.
    God bless.

  5. Cindy

    Agreed. In fact my last act as a Green was to work on her campaign. Sadly, it is my honest opinion that some Greens sabotaged her campaign. Very deliberately. Kind of like what happened to the Nader campaign and endorsement.

    Then I left the Green Party. I have been warning people about them ever since.

  6. I would be very interested to hear why you became disillusioned Micheal

  7. This is the beginning of this discussion.

    It may take a while. With only two posts a day limit.

    This is not about me and why “I” left the GP. My experience
    has been mirrored by many others. Let us remember that the
    Minnesota Green Party was an active, vibrant political party.

    That was then, this is now. Although it must first be pointed
    out that there are many good, decent people left in the party.
    People of the calibre of Farheen Hakeem, Dave Bicking. People
    that I like and trust.

    Next, I would like to put my Green Party “creds” out there.

    I joined the MN Green Party, like many after the 2000 election
    campaign of Ralph Nader. I ran as one of 64 candidates for
    state rep in District 44A. I was “primaried out” of that race
    by a former St Louis Park Mayor, who was a Democrat and “joined”
    the GP for that election. After the election, he disappeared and
    was never seen again by the St Louis Park or state wide GP.

    I had been active in various campaigns and then became a National
    GP Delegate for Minnesota in 2004. I went with others in Minnesota
    to the GP Convention in Wisconsin. I supported the then candidacy
    of a man called David Cobb. This man came to Minnesota and told
    us “The Democratic Party is where progressive politics goes to die.”

    Something which I firmly believed in and still do. I also was told
    that the Greens needed to develop new leadership. I believed in that
    also. For us to survive after Nader had “passed on.” I was to find
    out later that, IMHO I and others had been tricked.

    Anyway, after this I became a National Delegate after I had heard of
    some “shenanigans” on the National level.

    Right at the same time I volunteered to be an Official Green Party
    Observer in the GP and Lib Party sponsored Vote Re-Count in Ohio,
    2004. What I witnessed there horrified me and affects me to this
    day. What happened there is so much worse than most people realize.

    I even wrote a personal “news account” while I was there. That is
    still available. There were eight other people who went with me.

    They have all been deadly quiet about what happened there. They are
    all Democrats. Apparently I am the only one who has continued to make
    a stink. Remember now, I believe that the Dem Party is “where progressive
    politics goes to die.” Same as Progressive social movements.

    Then I started to work as a National Delegate. What I discovered was
    horrifying. I had heard that the Conventions were “fixed” to ensure
    that Ralph Nader could not obtain the nomination. I discovered that
    it was my humble opinion that these charges were right. It explained
    (in part) why Nader had chosen to not join the GP. It also explained
    why Nader never chose to seek the GP endorsement but instead just
    the nomination.

    I and others fought real hard to hold the National GP accountable.
    However, since the way that decisions were made on the National level
    were themselves fixed, we found that avenue impossible.

    Put into current political terms, since the GP needed a “super
    majority” to make decisions. That was the National version of
    Consensus. What that created in reality was that a determined minority
    could block any and all actions. This can so easily be shown by the
    Republican minority in Congress. It is a very effective strategy if your
    goal is to destroy the current group. Just block, block,block. There
    is so much more to this but I do not have the time.

    I tried, repeatedly as a National Delegate to inform the GP membership
    about this and was blocked at every turn. With procedural moves,
    “running out of time” moves etc etc.

    Then I ran for US Senate in 2006. At that time I sought the GP nomination
    and endorsement. I still had hope in the GP.. As a candidate I received
    an 86% endorsement. Before that though, David Cobb showed up in
    Minnesota. He was doing a talk about what happened in Ohio and Voter
    Suppression. His other guest was at that time Republican Secretary of State.

    I had asked David Cobb for a public endorsement, to help my campaign. I
    had worked personally with David Cobb at the Wisconsin Convention 2004,
    to ensure his endorsement. I had also worked with him in the Ohio Re-Count.

    He refused. I have since found out lots of very unsavory things about
    Mr Cobb. His ties with a variety of Democrat Party friendly organizations.
    He would not even tell me “no” to my face. He told my campaign manager
    Dori Ullman. Apparently, he said that “I do not listen to people.” I
    received 86% of the votes at the GP Convention.

    Although I did have (very private) meeting with Annie Young who asked
    me to drop out of the race. At Maria’s Cafe on Franklin Ave in Minneapolis.
    I suspect this is the source of the “I don’t listen to others” idea.

    The Local v.s. National Discussion.

    At this point we must look at the discussion of running local v.s.
    national races.

    There is a strain of the GP which wanted to run only small, local races.
    It turns out these folks were IMHO the players behind the David Cobb
    race of 2004. Now while I agree that it is a legitimate discussion, it
    must also be said that it is only one strain of thought. However, to
    get back to the idea of a minority blocking going forward must be
    addressed again. Now this minority of “local only” again chose to
    block any discussion of working on the National level. Just as
    Republicans did so in the US Senate, so did IMHO the “local only”
    folks. It was and is highly undemocratic in nature. But there it is.

    Then in 2008, I tried again. I was almost done with the GP but not quite.

    I joined up and volunteered to be the State Wide coordinator for
    Cynthia McKinney for Prez. I LOVED McKinney and still do. However,
    there were folks who decided to throw me off of the campaign. Actually
    myself and others who wanted to build this into a real campaign. Not a
    symbolic campaign. I have heard that one of those people was Annie
    Young. As an aside, this mirrored EXACTLY what happened when I
    volunteered to be MN National Coordinator for the David Cobb for Prez
    campaign 2004.

    By this time many of the Nader supporters had heard of what was
    happening. Many left the GP in disgust.

    I ran for US Senate again 2008. However, this time my attempts to
    gain GP endorsement was half hearted at best. At the Convention in
    Mankato I sought the endorsement, without even organizing. In part
    because many of the Nader supporters (natural allies) had left in

    Cam Gordon stood up, read a letter from Annie Young on why I should
    not be endorsed..

    The GP voted and I was one vote shy of the needed super majority
    of 68%.

    The undemocratic minority won again.

    I then officially left the GP.

    There is much more to this than what I have written but this is a
    brief synopsis.

    I have many good friends and allies still in the GP. I have many
    more who have left.

    As an aside, I will have to do another synopsis of when Dean
    Zimmermann was IMHO set up by the FBI. Then on what some of his
    “friends” in the GP did, that was undemocratic, when we wanted to
    make a statement of support of our friend and ally, Dean Zimmermann.
    It encapsulates exactly just how undemocratic these “local only” folks
    are.. Who, in the final analysis have very close ties to the Democratic

    The Democratic Party. Where progressive politics and social movements
    go to die.

    OK. This is the start. Peter and Dann Dobson, you both asked that
    I explain why I left the Green Party. This is just scratching the surface.

    But it is a good start.

    I am personally convinced that the MN Green Party, which was a major party
    inn 2000-2004 was sabotoged by a certain political party.

    Where progressive politics and movements go to die. Almost like that is it’s

    Michael Cavlan RN

  8. There are several posts in this thread that do not relate to the orginal post. That is why we need a community blog where all green party sympathizers can post diaries and not just the blog owners. Community blogs are valuable organizing tools so I not understand why we greens do not have one.

  9. Greetings!

    Hon Queen and Prime Minister Roseanne Barr [Green Tea] and myself James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] are seeking to promote the all-party and independents voting system by running for president and vice president as a team; Barr/Ogle for president.

    The ruling coalition has elected her Queen for life by approving rule 34, the Queen rule. It’s not an absolute monarchy, it’s a constitutional monarchy and she is accountable because we can unelect her. As she is elderly, I am proposing that we elect five princesses too.

    Please vote in the US Parliament’s PacificNW Super-state election (ss12), and the Central California Mini-state Parliament election (ss11-6), and your cast eballot will be factored in mathematically under the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system where 1/101ths plus one vote elects the 100 seats. The 100 seats then elect executives and rules.

    When you see our maps, you’ll see that we funtion under states and groupings of states, and counties and groupings of counties, which are grouped for population balance purposes.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    BTW, Cynthia McKinney was elected as Communication Minister, one of thirty-six elected full Cabinet Ministers. If anyone knows how to contact her, please have her call or email me on how we can work together.

    I am one of 72 deputy Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Speaker Minister. John Argent [Roseannearchist] is the full speaker minister. We have many high powered women elected to the Cabinet (see below). To learn more about the Cabinet, follow the link below:

    Chief of Staff Minister Helen Caldicott [Info. Not Avail.]
    National Security Minister Jodell Bumatay [Republican]
    CIA Minister Tippy Canoe [Roseannarchist]
    Families, Housing, Community and Indigenous People Minister Vicky Holte Takamine [Info. Not Avail.]
    Defense Minister Tina [Roseannarchist]
    Veterans Affairs Minister April Flint [Democratic]
    Civil Rights Minister Robert Redford [Info. Not Avail.]
    Communications Minister Cynthia McKinney [Green]
    Truth Minister Grace Lee Boggs [Info. Not Avail.]
    Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry Minister Marcy Kaptur [Democratic]
    Inspiration Minister Diane Wilson [Info. Not Avail.]
    Treasury Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts [Info. Not Avail.]
    Government Reduction Minister Greg Cipes [Info. Not Avail.]
    Environmental Minister Judy Chicago [Info. Not Avail.]
    Press Secretary Minister Christine Blosdale [Info. Not Avail.]
    Health Minister Marsha Gold [Info. Not Avail.]
    FEMA Minister JZ Knight [Info. Not Avail.]
    Arts and Culture Minister Sandra Bernard [Info. Not Avail.]
    Attorney General Minister Link K. Scwartz [Info. Not Avail.]
    Campaign Minister Tom Maris [Democratic]
    Marketing Minister David Bell [Independent]
    Higher Education Minister Daniel David Gentry [Catholic Trotskyist]
    Education Minister Lisa Clampitt [Green Tea]
    Energy Minister Carey Campbell [Green]
    Speaker Minister John Argent [Roseannearchist]
    Secretary of State Minister PJ [Roseannearchist]
    PLAS Minister Dashus Christ [Roseannearchist]
    Senate Minister Lady Jane Green [Roseannearchist]
    IRS Minister Don Grundmann [Constitution]
    Foreign Minister Jane Violet [Roseannearchist]
    Labor Minister Angela Keaton [Ordinary Anarchist]
    Transportation Minister Nathan Johnson [American Independent]
    Economics Minister Jim Burns [Libertarian]
    States Rights Minister Rene` Jean [Free Parliamentary]
    Spectrum Minister Nathan Sorenson [Christian Independent]
    IRS Minister Don J. Grundmann [Constitution]

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

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