The Great Debate about Debates

Green Party leader, Elizabeth May

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So Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party of Canada applied to the Federal Court of Appeals to review the decision of the broadcast consortium to not allow her in the debates. They ruled against her and said that they won’t decide the case -before- the debate.

However, today Ontario-based TV station CHCH announced that they would host a panel show allowing Elizabeth to speak.

As well yesterday the party released its election platform.

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Peter V. Tretter

I'm the President & CEO of the Barrie Green Party which is a local riding association for the Green Party of Canad and the Green Party of Ontario in the riding (or district) of Barrie.


  1. firedog is actively purging non-democratic lefties. Could we look to getting our own community blog now. We really need a good community blog if we are to do what the canadians have done. We have no forum where we can organize.

  2. That’s a good idea. About 3 months ago, I was harassing the Green Party to start a forum, to no avail. Would you say we start a blog here on greenpartywatch?

  3. …a blog apart from this existing one, where people can post up whatever they feel like talking about…

  4. Ross, I checked out the website and it looks good. I will talk to the main heads here at GPW about using that website and expanding it…

  5. The biggest problem with the greens, is they need to understand that there are both left and right in their party. You can be a right wing conservative, and still care about the environment. In fact in the USA there are places that the right, is the majority of the the party, corporations make contributions and fund the party. To simply say this is how greens think is untrue, no; that is how you think.

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