Some information on Alan Page’s Green campaign for the April 26th DC special election

At the request of a commenter, here is a bit of information about what appears to be an energetic and exciting Green campaign in the nation’s capital.  The candidate is Alan Page, an attorney, single father, community activist, and journalist, among other things, who is running for an at-large seat on the District’s city council.  There are four at-large seats on the council, and they are staggered so that two are elected every two years.

In 2009, the Green Party ran David Schwartzman for an at-large seat.  He came in a distant third (out of six candidates, two of which were elected), so he was not elected, although his son recently was elected in an unrelated race in Illinois.  The winning candidates in 2009 received approximately 105,000 and 57,000 votes, respectively, while Schwartzman received nearly 13,000.

This year, there are 8 other candidates running – 6 Democrats, 1 Rebublican, and 1 independent.  At least from the information available online, Page seems to be running a strong campaign.  For instance, he was recently featured in the Washington Post:

Alan Page : One step forward, one step back

Mayor Gray’s proposed budget was one step forward toward a progressive, more sensible tax system in the District and one step backward toward increased inequality, because he is proposing to balance the budget on the backs of the poor.

During tough times, everyone must share the load, from residents to corporations operating in our city. I applaud Gray’s proposal to close the combined reporting corporate tax loophole that allows corporations earning income in the District to shift their profits to other jurisdictions when they report it. The absence of a combined reporting requirement will deprive our city of $23 million in corporate tax revenue in the upcoming fiscal year alone, according to estimates.

Page has also been featured on What’s Hot in Washington and public radio in Washington, among other places.

The candidate also has had a slew of events in the recent past, and has a comprehensive overview of his potential policies available in a listing of candidate questionnaires on his website.



  1. Why wont the greens start a community blog or forum like dailykos or du. It is terrible that the only places for greens to post are dem blogs who will ban us if we admit we are green. It is also terrible being around liberals who will not accept the fact that I am not into dlcers like Obama.

  2. I would really like to vote green but you dont seem to be serious and dont seem to have a web strategy like ofa does.

  3. There were no green candidates run against the dlcers in my voting district so I voted socialist.

  4. Do you realize how hard it is to resist the temptation to vote wesser ebil when you read Democratic blogs and hang a Democratic blogs?

  5. A web strategy is, honestly, the last thing a good candidate needs to win. It helps, but it should not be our first priority.

    That said, it can still be important. Here are some good Green/nonpartisan (please, please, please stay away from those deluded Democrats!) websites:

    http://greenmassgroup.com (this is a group blog and feel free to use it even if you’re not from Mass.)
    http://greenchange.org (a social network for Greens)
    http://my.firedoglake.com (I’m sure you know about that, right?)

    That’s somewhere to start. Group blogs have pros and cons. I think they often start to generate groupthink and factions just because of how they’re set up (ratings systems and community moderation, perhaps). You could always start your own blog, too – the more Greens blogging, the better.

  6. I have a twitter blog which I post to frequently and a blogspot which I post to sometimes. http://twitter.com/dameocrat http://dameocrat.blogspot.com.

    I hate the gang mentality at kos but that has been largely overcome at other blogs by giving posters the right to call someone troll but not necessary the right to ban a troll. The owner just uses a trollrate as a way to identify trolls. This keeps groups from forming to trollhunt. The type of community blog at kos and at green mass group takes some money to set up an maintain that I do not have.

    I welcome your invite to green mass group but would like to have a blog for greens all over the country since i do not live anywhere near Massachusetts.

  7. Firedog is starting to purge greens like me, and even when it does not, its moderaters guilt trip greens constantly because we stupid greens will not lesser evil vote. Firedog is a good way to turn a green into a democrat.

  8. I would also point out that at one point Lealan Jones was polling 30% of the black vote according to ppp polling data, but over time those polling numbers winnowed down more and more to where he ultimately one got 2% in the final vote. http://my.firedoglake.com/dameocrat/2010/09/10/green-lealan-jones-polls-30-of-black-voters-obama-supporters-get-the-vapors/

    Do you know how hard it is to vote green in a world that dictates only demopublican votes are acceptable? The dems engage in alot of isolation and bullying against greens. We need a community blog for moral support. You can not win elections with isolated voters that are not part of any kind of movement. I disagree that a web strategy is not important. OFA works because it is such strong peer socialization.

  9. What is OFA?

    What is the type of content management system that runs the better social networking/group blogs? Are there open source versions?

  10. Ofa is Obama For America. They have taken over community blogs like dkos du and now firedoglake. They themselves have a forum

    A good opensource community blog program is drupal. http://drupal.org/

  11. Thanks on ofa.

    Do you think community blogging a la drupal (which I have used) is preferable to a bulletin board system?

    I am thinking seriously about “democratizing” GPW in some way because I agree completely that we need a stronger community forum.

  12. I think the community blog via drupal would be better than a forum because forums tend to be stuck on a back page, and they discourage participation. If the forum is the frontpage the forum owners will bet ignored, like for this blog the green party watch section would get ignored.

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