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  1. You missed the best one there is! She’s got a funny show on public access now:

    She was also on the city’s NPR station this morning, with the four other candidates (no other independents or third parties) running for sheriff. Here’s a link to that:

    Also, the journalist John Grant wrote a great piece about “Cheri Honkala as Robin Hood:”

  2. I just watched the Love Park video from April 23 – it’s incredible. It’s one of the best political speeches I’ve seen lately…there should be more environmentalists talking like that. And I’m not just saying that because I support the campaign.

  3. I signed Ross, although I’m not sure how much influence a signature from South Carolina will be worth. Even so, it was quick and easy, so why not?

    Please let the person who sends out the photographs know that I intend to auction it off at our annual meeting on May 14th…it would be great if I had it in hand at the time. :-) I know mailing out photographs isn’t top of the agenda, but it would be great if I had it in time.

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