Rwanda Democratic Green Party Leader Receives Democracy Prize in Swedish Parliament

From the website of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Frank Habineza, Founding President of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, has received a Democracy Prize in Swedish Parliament, today, 28th April 2011.

The Prize was awarded by Hon. Bodil Ceballos, a Swedish Parliamentarian, member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and alternates on the Defence and Justice Committees. She is also a member of the Green Party of Sweden.

This initiative originated from the Green Party in Gävle, led by Ms.Inger Schörling, former Member of Swedish Parliament and European Parliament. She is also the Vice Chairperson of Green Forum Sweden and particularly in charge of East Africa.

The Prize is given in honor of the democratic struggle started in Rwanda and the resolve to continue it, using peaceful and non-violent means, despite all the hard challenges faced.

This is a great encouragement and we highly applaud the Green Party in Gävle, Ms.Inger Schörling and Hon.Bodil Ceballos for this recognition.
For more information, please contact :

Ms. Inger Schörling : Email : inger.schorling@mp.se

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  1. I am a member of the Rwanda Green Party, but i would like to express my discontent with our President Frank’s ability to lead this struggle.He is not a serious person and he also lacks the intelligence, charisma and spirit to lead a political establishment

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