Is a McKinney/Sheehan ticket happening?

A relatively new Facebook page has been created to support a Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket of Congresswoman McKinney for Prez and Cindy Sheehan for Veep. Is this a real effort? The answer is below the fold…

In the “Discussion” section of the Facebook page you’ll find this exchange:

Michael Kwiatkowski
I saw this group and just had to join. I can’t brain today. I have the dumb. Is this an effort to draft the two, or is there an actual campaign now taking shape?

Sallie Elkordy
Hi Michael, Cynthia has asked people to contact her if they wish to support her run for the Presidency and, when questioned by another, Cindy “won’t rule out” the possibility of running with her. So, there you have it. They both know I will stop when or if they wish me too. :)

This article at Fire Dog Lake by El Duderino about the possible draft effort includes this observation:

Ms. McKinney and Ms. Sheehan represent something that is lacking in most Democrats today, moral principles. And if recent arguments here are any indication, that is anathema to blogosphere talking heads.

One reason this effort has some credibility is that the administrators of the FB page include Anita Stewart, Green Party member from Florida and Soil and Water Commissioner Hillsboro County, and Cindy Sheehan herself.

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  1. They need to formally announce soon, start raising money, and start campaigning. Are they going to run on the Green Party Ticket? If so, they need to start ballot access in those States that the GP lacks.

  2. Richard, I agree. In fact, I think it’s time for anyone interested in seeking our nomination to get busy. I understand that Kent Mesplay is in the running, but I haven’t heard much. Not sure about any of the other past candidates, nor have I heard about any fresh names.

    In some ways, the top of the ticket is the one I am least interested in these days. Even so, I would LOVE to have a solid ticket to support.

  3. Grin.. Talked to the campaign

    Got some spectacular news. I agree 100% with their analysis..

    That is all that I am going to say.

  4. Remember, although we won’t win the seat for President, getting a major ticket at the national level will bring attention to the Green Party. I still say spend most resources at the local and state level.

  5. “Grin.. Talked to the campaign
    Got some spectacular news. I agree 100% with their analysis..
    That is all that I am going to say.”

    WOW! Ooohhhh, Mikey… you are so important and well-connected! Won’t you please, pretty-please, tell us about your high-level meeting with important people? Phleeeezzzeeee…?

  6. McKinney really didn’t do a very good job in 2008. I’d rather nominate someone who is going to do more to build the green party

  7. Oh the same Mikey that does not get on the ballet, whom does not have an easily available phone, postal address, email and when he does get a recommendation (other than Uncle Ralph Nader) does not post it, and when he gets snail mail greeting cards, tosses it / them into the Round File.

    An inspiration to us all. I have no idea what I have done in a negative light to this guy, but I, as a potential ally, sure feel neglected! donlake@ymail.com


    by Jack Balkwill

    Of the many obstacles preventing democracy from breaking out in the land, progressives contribute themselves in several ways.

    Foremost in this is that many continue to vote for Democrats like President Obama, who received more campaign financing from Wall Street than any candidate for any office in history, and upon taking office, provided them with billions in bailouts, while leaving their victims to lose homes and jobs.

    Obama said that the right wing Joe Lieberman was his mentor in the Senate, and voted accordingly for war funding and the rest of the Lieberman agenda. There was no reason to think he would be different from Lieberman in his policies.

    The top Democrats receive millions in campaign funding from banksters, polluters, and the Nuclear Mafia, among a wide range of criminals, just like the Republicans, in their reciprocal betrayal.

    The Democrats do have better rhetoric, necessary to fool the liberals, but they have shown year after year that they do not deliver on their promises. The major promises of Obama have been shredded, while he covered up for the many crimes of the preceding Bush regime, the worst criminal activity of the 21st century including horrible human rights violations and war crimes resulting in the deaths of at least hundreds of thousands of innocents.

    Peace movement people voted for Obama only to watch the war expanded and defense spending increased. Environmentalists who voted for Obama watched as he pushed for expanded oil drilling and dangerous subsidized nuclear power plants on behalf of his backers.

    Many of us are tired of watching Greens fight each other and tear the party apart, socialists split into a dozen ineffective political parties, good progressive candidates running against each other, and labor unions flushing their hard earned money down the toilet of the Democratic Party, only to watch as their members are sold out, time and time again.

    I’ve had emails from people recommending a “don’t vote” strategy. They tell me the ruling powers that be would really be taught a lesson. What supporters of this “strategy” miss is that in many elections across the nation, the majority do not show up at the polls, so this is hardly innovative. The official corporate media response to this for decades is that “people don’t vote because they’re content with the system as it is.”

    The only thing that moves the ruling Forces of Greed is competition.

    Republicans have already had straw polls and are working out candidates for next year, and the Democrats are raising millions for their campaign chests.

    Progressives haven’t moved a finger. The only chance for a public interest candidate to compete is to start early. Progressives don’t have the financing, the mass media coverage, or the rules and laws in their favor to start late in the game.

    We know before they take place that the candidate debates will not allow progressives to participate. We know the corporate media will not cover public interest candidates. We know it is pulling teeth just to get on the ballot in most of the fifty states, where it’s made easy for the Democrats and Republicans.

    The only shot the people have is to start early. That’s why so many progressives have supported Dennis Kucinich in the past when he has run in Democratic primaries. He was the only one getting out the progressive agenda, and otherwise the masses were being convinced to support either the corporate Democrat or the Republican as the lesser evil.

    It wasn’t generally until Kucinich dropped out that other choices have been made available, such as the Green Party candidate, for example, but by then there was no time to gather support for the candidate.

    Congressman Kucinich and Senator Bernie Sanders have both said a progressive challenger would be welcome next year, although neither has said they will be running themselves.

    I would encourage the Greens to start early this time, and gather support from labor, social justice advocates, peace movement members, environmentalists, socialists, human rights activists and other progressives to unite.

    Give us a candidate by no later than March, 2012, so that we can spread the word over the internet, the last semblance of democracy left (as Egyptians recently showed).

    We must go around the corporate media and start early– a strategy we’ve never attempted. We are the majority, and revolution is not only possible, but probable to work, with enough solidarity.

    As the old chant of progressive protests so wonderfully puts it, “the people, united, will never be defeated.”

  9. This is what I and others are doing.

    It has been an absolute joy after finally leaving the Green Party.

    All of us who have left have said the same thing.

    Working with allies who get it.

  10. I think we need a candidate with some fame nationally. Why dont we court some celeb greens to run? Someone like Ed Begley Jr or something. They need to be able to draw a crowd, and be a good public speaker.

  11. Dameocrat…I think that would be ideal! I know a lot of Greens don’t care for the idea, wanting someone who is a party member for example. Others are concerned that a celebrity would make us look less than serious, but I disagree.

    An Ed Asner, Ed Begley Jr, ticket…Ed and Ed…

    There are a lot who could do this. Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Bonnie Raitt…but the bottom line, as I understand it, is that it is exceptionally hard to even get a chance to sit down with these sorts of folks to even have the conversation.

  12. Presidential nominees of the Green Party should not be expected to handle ballot access. The party itself should do that. Right now, Greens are on the ballot automatically for 2012 in Texas, Colorado, and Arizona. Those three states should send volunteers to New Mexico, where the law only requires 3,009 valid signatures to put the party back on the ballot. California Greens, who are on the California ballot automatically, should send volunteers to Nevada, where the party needs 7,013 valid signatures to get back on the ballot, and to Oregon, where the party needs about 2,000 more registered members to get back on the ballot. We are in good petitioning weather right now. Time is a precious commodity but Greens aren’t petitioning even though it is sensible and legal to be doing these drives NOW.

  13. I would remind those, who left the Green Party in a tiff to start something new, that GPUS is way head on ballot access. Unless you want to spend several campaign cycles getting to the point where GPUS already is with ballot access or you have a super-rich moneybags willing to spend the millions necessary to hire people to do the work, then the only progressive alternative available in the Green Party.

  14. Wow, I couldn’t think of a ticket that could be worse for the Green Party. While I would like to get someone with really policymaking experience, I am really turned off by congresswomen McKinney’s propensity for pedaling conspiracy theories and I don’t see her as having a lot of interest in building the Green Party in any meaningful way.

    Until the Green Party is successful enough that it can start actually winning major elections to build a bench of people to run for president (A time I sincerely look forward), I think our best bet it to poach progressive voices from the democratic party. Get committed, frustrated individuals like Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich etc. to run for us. Doing that will help us earn the respect and attention of the progressive community and offer a viable alternative to the Republican-lite Obama administration.

    I am afraid to re-nominate congresswomen McKinney’s would just insure that we will spin our tires in the mud of obscurity and third party status.

  15. I agree completely David, I am still mystified as to why people are upset with the Green Party, but the idea that leaving is in anyway productive strikes me as childish.

  16. In my experience of being in the Green Party for less than a year, I have learned many things. The circumstances are stacked so high against us that people telling us to just support Democrats and nor run Greens sounds unbelievably ludicrous. 100 million age-eligible people did not vote in the last election. The democrats will not be our friends and give us the same support as many of us have given them. There is just so much I could go into, but it would take a small book to do that.

    Running a celebrity-style candidate could be the answer. Just look at how Ralph Nader, who has always been an independent, was able to massively expand the Green Party in the US. In a sense, Ralph was a celebrity. Maybe getting the endorsements of celebrities instead of nominating them might be the right way to go, as they might not have enough political standing to present them as serious candidates.

  17. I wouldn’t be for running celebrities for the presidency for fear of relegating the Green Party to joke status. However running them at the local and statewide level could work given the success of people like Al Franken, Jessie Ventura, and Schwarzenegger

  18. I’m really not comfortable with McKinney’s conspiracy theories and ties to black nationalists. As of right now I’m supporting Stewart Alexander.

    Also, thanks Richard for the insights

  19. Ben, running celebrities at local or possible state levels might be the way to go. Then again, maybe not. In California, we’ve had a history of “joke” candidates run on independent lines, with little success.

    I really hope people like Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Cynthia Mckinney, Sheehan, etc begin forging new alliances for third party tickets. By alliance, I mean not running together, but speaking out in support of third party tickets and making serious statements that we are tired of supporting the two-party system.

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