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The Green Party Watch Facebook page has 1580 “likes” right now. Our lifetime “likes” at Facebook is 1583. This means that only three of the 1583 people who have “liked” GPW have “unliked” us…an impressive total in my mind.

We have had 256175+ visitors since the site was founded two years ago, and almost 400,000 page hits according to Sitemeter. We have regular visitors from across the globe, although US visitors represent the huge majority of our hits.

Alexa says that 88 sites link to Green Party Watch, and we are the 2,702,035th most popular website on the Internet. 85% of our readers only read the “front page”.

Green Party Watch News Network

A network of Green activists reporting on Green Party candidates, chapters, committees and issues using Green Party Watch, social networks, radio and TV to carry news of the Green Party before the American people


  1. The minute I post this, one more person decided to stop “liking” us on FB. :-) Oh well…hopefully they will be back some day. We need everyone we can get!

  2. Gregg, the number we should worry about is how many more can we add. You should use the FB account and add like-minded individuals.

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