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  1. Exit Afghanistan, exit Iraq, exit Libya, bring the troops home yes…but what do WE do? We Greens? We “average people”?

  2. I won’t believe it until I see the body. If it is true, I don’t think that this will result in a draw down of US Forces. I think we are going to see an escalation of violence in the Arab world especially in Afghanistan where they have allegedly taken the body.

  3. We should stop the financial support of dictators and pull out the wars which only produce more poverty, civilian casualties, hate, violence, and terrorism. Also important is paying attention to intelligence, which Bush failed to do, leading to the 9/11 attacks.

  4. “We” have killed a martyr, on dialysis, and it only cost us a few thousand lives and a military budget of over 700 billion dollars a year. Give me a break. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan for the long term (see Germany, Korea, Japan, etc…). “Our” government is all but begging these countries to make our presence legitimate by “requesting” our continued occupation.

    If anything I think the terror networks will go ballistic to show they are still players in the game….JMO……

  5. How about the Greens come out and say that we very much like the fact that bin laden is dead. I have this feeling since we are a non major party, regular folks will think we might not necessarily support his death. Sort of how some people say we are not freedom, loving Americans. Do you guys understand what I am saying?

  6. Yeah, Eddie, but it is because we love freedom that we are against the misdirected, perpetual wars.

  7. My point is, let’s come out(although Im sure in the next couples of days some people will) that we support his death. That’s all I’m saying. Let’s be clear on that.

  8. Eddie i do not have an obligation to prove myself to anyone, and do not care what people such as that think.

  9. Eddie…I personally am glad he’s gone, although I also think we should remember that this was a human being…even if a terribly tyrannical human being. He has family, some of whom are saddened at this turn of events.

    Personally I would like to see us issue a statement that says something like “The Green Party believes in non-violence, and would prefer to see all conflicts settled diplomatically. We believe that bin Laden’s death opens the door to fundamental changes in US foreign policy which could lead to a more peaceful world. Towards that end the Green Party of the United States calls on President Obama to declare an end to hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to make plans to bring troops home as soon as possible. We further call on the President as Commander in Chief to appoint a group of senior commanders to develop a plan for bringing our troops home from overseas installations, and implement it as quickly as possible.”

    I’m not a wordsmith…but maybe something like that. I don’t want to glorify death, but I do totally understand where you’re coming from. We don’t want to seem anti-American or pro-bin Laden.

  10. damoecrat, I have no idea what you are talking about. I didn’t even direct a statement to you.

  11. Gregg, that sounds like something along the lines of what I was thinking.

  12. Oh Gregg….that was a very good press release…..Now if we could convince the Dem’s that war is BAD…..Bad things happen to innocent people….Aggression begets retaliation……and when you think you have “won”…..the sons and daughters of the defeated come back to reclaim their honor…..It can never end….until you just stop it………

  13. And it takes the strongest military….the “bully on the block” to be the one to STOP IT

    In Afghanistan…
    In Iraq…
    In Syria…
    (vicariously) in Palestine

    It’s our game…and our call…..will America do what is right

  14. Close Guantanamo, Obama administration has reconsidered the evidence for each of the detainees and has concluded that 89 of the detainees should be repatriated to their homelands or transferred to other countries.

    Reparations for the Iraqi people. Close military base in Iraq. Bring all the troops home! The war on terror is over!

  15. And seeing my last “rant” I put Syria in the mix….the US doesn’t really give a damn what that dictator does……they are not a major oil producer……

    I actually intended to put Libya in that spot…..just as a correction

  16. As answered on FB:

    We continue living, and struggle to defeat the nightmares spawned from that dreadful day of 9-11. Bin Laden is dead, but his monstrosity remains, and our reactions of fear remain, as well as the institutions of oppression from ALL sides. All these things need dismantling, and they will be…one step at a time. Vigilance, patience, perseverance.

  17. I would be totally opposed to a GP press release along the lines Gregg has suggested. As a party we can never rejoice in the killing of an individual. Personally I don’t believe this brings the world any closer to peace on any level.

    Let’s me clear that Bin Laden was never formally charged with any crime. If he was the mastermind behind 9/11, then I’d want to see him tried and the facts brought out. Of course, I don’t believe Al Quaida was behind 9/11. Bin Laden was always the bogeyman. I remember the morning of 9/11 seeing the “planes” hit the world Trade Center towers and saying to the others who were in the break room at the Postal facility, “Can you say Osama Bin Laden?” I knew right from the start he was going to be the bogeyman.

    It’s obvious the U.S. never wanted a trial and now it’s clear they don’t even want to show a picture or give DNA proof that whomever was just murdered was Bin Laden, who probably died ten years ago.

  18. Since there is an obvious divergence of views regarding the morality of our retaliation, we must understand that the serendipitous timing of this assassination lends itself more to a reading of spectacle than a matter of substance worthy of an official statement from our party. If it is the case that an official green party statement were to be drawn, then we would lend ourselves wholeheartedly to this spectacle and be diverted from what makes our party interesting and worthwhile. Although I feel that murder is murder, regardless of the circumstances, we shouldn’t alienate ourselves from the country at large. There is a chain of command and a power structure that most of us readily submit to on a vernacular basis (Remember M.L. King’s statement that “We vote with our wallets”?) Unless you wear homespun clothing, barter for all of your goods, and live entirely off the grid, then you still fit somewhere in this chain.
    We are still a minority party and if we want to grow and plant the seeds of peace, then we should learn how to keep our noses clean and build clout. Since time immemorial humans have been debating about what Justice is (From Plato’s Republic, and Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics to Hobbe’s De Cive and Leviathan and John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism) and how it relates to what is good for society. We should exercise forgiveness for his sins and for the soldiers who’ve been commanded to kill in the name of our country. Being that we are humans we all have limited rational faculties and acknowledging the limits of our understanding is the only way for us to grow through institutions as facilitated by dialectical exchanges such as this. If the practical consequences of his death will be a reduction in military presence in areas where we don’t need to be, then so be it. But I know that none of us are informed enough on our own to make such decisions/statements for the party unilaterally.
    We need to turn inwards and focus on what brings us together as a party. For me, ecological wisdom is the foundational pillar of our movement and the sociopolitical spectacles engendered by the great world powers can be all too distracting. We are a grass roots movement and although we may majorly believe in peace, there is not a single one of us that can assuredly predict the practical consequences of the death of this man. We should get back to the day to day business of memetically furthering the virtues for which we are here united together on this forum.

  19. The libertarians already came out with a statement celebrating his death. The Greens need to come out with a statement as well.

  20. The NAZIS were given a trial – EICHMANN was given a trial – SADDAM was given a trial. Bin Laden was slaughtered in an orgy of blatantly barbaric blood revenge : it is IMPOSSIBLE to square this in any way with justice or legality, or civilization. —– Matthew Borenstein New York City

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