Wikileaks cables reveal American diplomats courting moderate Greens, critical of party’s left

From Stuff.Co.NZ (although not corroborated by another source, admittedly):

A discrete diplomatic lunch, a free trip to Washington and assurance of “assistance” from the US Embassy in Wellington have been used to blunt the Green Party’s “radical positions on many issues”, a leaked American diplomatic cable reveals.

The Americans seduced Green co-leaders Metiria Turei and Russel Norman, the latter with a free trip to Washington, and managed, over a lunch, to get a commitment from list MP Kennedy Graham “to turn (to the embassy) for any assistance he made need in the future…”

On the July 15, 2009, lunch between Graham and US mission head David Keegan, the cable said:

“The overarching purpose of the July 15 lunch was to establish the beginnings of a warm and respectful relationship with Graham,” Keegan cabled home.

“By lunch’s end, an open dialogue and a mature relationship with Graham going forward were highly probable.”

He said Graham displayed an “extensive knowledge and understanding of global affairs”, was “an evident multi-lateralist” and a “moderating influence on his frequently radical party.”



  1. My initial reaction is annoyance with some skepticism: That article sounds like one of those “mis-information” plants, too. Is it possible that Graham et al already fall into the “moderate” mold, or that someone is trying to dampen support for them among their constituency? I am skeptical that a “free trip to washington” would have *that* much influence. If it had been to Disneyworld…….

    heck, how come we aren’t being courted by our own government. I’d take a free trip to DC……

  2. Graham and the others are already moderates, according to the article. But they’ve been reached out to because they can influence others in the party to be more moderate. And the trip to Washington…I don’t think it’s the trip itself that would influence the Greens (although the trip certainly isn’t insignificant), it’s the access to powerful people.

    As for us here in America…maybe the federal government isn’t courting Greens yet, but I’m sure local powers-that-be have already started. I know it’s happened with Cheri Honkala to a certain extent, and her election is several months away.

  3. Dum-Dee-Dum

    Don’t need to say a thing here.
    As an aside, on Indy Media Report I had one of the folks there ask me why is it that the USA Green Party has repeatedly not filled a financial report for months now? I was not aware that they had not or as to why. I was not terribly surprised though.

    As an aside, I have wondered where the Green Party think tank, Green Institute with David Cobb and Ted Glick get their funding? Or for that matter Move To Amend, with David Cobb being flown all over the country to speak?

    Perhaps from the same money fountain as Moveon.org or other Democratic Party apologist sites.

    Damn folks. Some of us tried to warn you all. I know that some do not care but to those of you who do, we tried.

    Oh well, do not worry. Organizing for resistance to the corporate corrupted, pro-war two party system continues.

    Like we really mean it.

  4. more likely they infiltrated the green party with a bunch of proiraq war types then these people publically denounced socalled leftists. Be prepared for this to happen to us if we get successful. This is how the dems ended up with Obummer and the other centrists.

  5. We should only be a big tent when attacting voters not a big tent in terms of political philosophy.

  6. Mr Jacoy.
    Well Mr sweetness and light, I am only reporting what this person had said.

    Oh shit. Never mind. No point in wasting time here.

    Th simple fact remains that this is even from a wiki-leaks leaked story.

    If it happened in NZ (the birthplace of the Green Party, you can be damned sure it happens elsewhere.

    Like I say.

    Organizing against the two party system continues. Like we really mean it.


  7. I owe Michael Cavlan an apology. Just looked at the “last month’s statement” and it’s from 2009. Michael Cavlan, I am sorry.

    I will look into this and find out what I can and post it here.

  8. I read the actual cables at wikileaks, and they are not really all that damning. The reports say over and over again that the Green Party MP wants the war in Afghanistan to end, that he considers it to be illegal etc. The fact that some US official believes they have found a way to influence the “mainstream” parties in NZ shouldn’t come as a shock.

  9. Here we go with the infighting. I guarantee the Greens have been somewhat infiltrated by both major political parties, but we need to keep resisting. I would say, let’s not pretend that some of us would not work with the Reps or Dems. For example, in my chapter, we have endorsed a Republican for the college board of trustees. The race is non-partisan, and she showed up to our meeting and we asked her questions before endorsing her.

    Anyways, I would like to make a point that some of us show send emails to NZ greens telling them that they should resist any courting to be moderate and to use extreme caution. Let’s tell them that we are worried and that we cannot hinder the movement.

  10. Infiltration is not only realistic, but really clear. At the very least up until right after the 2000 election when it became clear that GP candidates CAN earn enough votes to influence the outcome of presidential elections. (Er… probably not anymore in this country.)

    With first hand experience of how GPUS policy was swayed to prevent even our own democratic elections, I can say I am in no way surprised.

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