Former Green candidate running for US Senate in Virginia as independent

From the Sun Gazette:

Having tested the political waters last year, Kevin Chisholm appears ready to dive into a larger pool…

An engineer by profession, Chisholm retired last year as chief energy official for Arlington Public Schools. As the Green Party County Board candidate in 2010, he garnered just over 6 percent of the vote against Democratic incumbent Chris Zimmerman and Republican Mark Kelly.

Chisholm said he would be running as an independent because he sees himself “more a political centrist” than what is represented by the Green Party. He describes himself as fiscally conservative and socially liberal.



  1. If the Green Party of Virginia endorses him would “Green” show up on the ballot? Not familiar with Virginia election law.

  2. Sounds like the “Independent Green” party of Virginia is a “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” progressive party. Sounds like a perfect fit for Kevin, especially since both “Green” and “Independent” will appear by his name on the ballot (making it fit in with a generic “Green Party for Congress” campaign).


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    Kevin Chisholm
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