Make a list of your dream candidates running on the Green Party ticket

The reason for this thread is simple – Make a list of candidates you would like to see on the Green Party ticket in 2012. This would include the Presidential, Congressional, and Senate races. At the state and local level, also make a list of who you would like to see run.

Now, what is the point? The point is that we can all see who we would like to see nominated, perhaps names we had never before considered, and see what the consensus is.

Just throw any name out there, from environmentalists, radicals, independents, non-Greens, celebrities, politicians, etc. Try to make your list concise by organizing it around the Presidential, Senate, Congressional, and state/local races.

Here’s a quick example(I live in Los Angeles):

President: Laura Wells, Howie Hawkins, Cynthia Mckinney, Cindy Sheehan, Bernie Sanders, Cornell West, Kent Mesplay, Ralph Nader

Senate: Jesse Ventura, Laura Wells, Jello Biafra, Matt Gonzalez, Ian Murphy, Howie Hawkins, Kent Mesplay, Mike Feinstein

Congress: Laura Wells, Cornell West, Deacon Alexander, Mike Feinstein

Los Angeles mayor: Ed Begley Jr., Deacon Alexander, Derek Iverson, Julia Butterfly Hill, Tom Morello

For local races, perhaps it would be best to consult your state Green Party and see what they think.

This is an example. The key in to throw out as many names out there as possible. The goal is to present this list to the national Green Party and state Green Party and ask them if we would consider nominating them on the Green Party ticket.


  1. Love seeing Ian Murphy’s name up there for Senate. If he’d been in another district and the local media hadn’t been so awful about covering him, the campaign could have grown into something more. A Senate run might fair better fund raising wise as well.

    Other’s I’d throw out there as far as president go would be Kucinich and Grayson and maybe even Mike Gravel. Sure they’re Democrats but they represent the very last of a the left wing of that party and it’s about time they finally jumped from that sinking ship and got on board with actual change instead of people who just pay lip service to get elected. Plus they both have decent internet followings that could be tapped into. There’s some lessons to be learned on party building from the success of a tea party (not much to be learned from their actual stances on issues but that’s another story). That movement really snowballed out of all the Ron Paul internet buzz and grew from there and I don’t think it’s a far reach to say someone outspoken and appealing to young voters like Grayson could build out a similar liberal movement. We should probably skip that whole selling out to corporate interests thing the tea party did though.

  2. It would be really awesome if someone like Kucinich would just switch Green while in Congress. Apparently he might be moving to Washington state and attempt to get in Congress there, and if he does, while in Congress, we convince to jump ship and turn Green.

  3. Let’s lobby Kucinich to run as a Green in a district he can win (for Congress).

    I’d love to see any/all the above name for congress in the respective districts (http://rp12gp.us) – Nader for Senate in CT?

    Names I’d like to add (for Congress – House or Senate):

    MN: Farheen Hakeem, Cam Gordon
    CA: Medea Benjamin
    TX: Cat Swift
    WV: Jesse Johnson
    SC: Tom Clements

    Celebrities: Brad Pitt, Woody, Leo, Jim Carrey (all have been very active in progressive politics).

    I’m pretty drained as far as resources go, but if someone has internet savvy and $10, I’d suggest grabbing “greencongress.us” and putting up a map (even a sign up to tally numbers) with info on the district (how greens have done in previous congressional elections) and possible candidates for that district. This would be a huge project, I know, and I wish I had time/resources to spearhead it. (I may just write an article with said information being updated over time).

  4. We need to make the case that by running as a Green Dennis can skip any challenge during a Democratic Primary and move straight to the General Election. He needs to pick a super Green friendly district.

  5. Jack, I never knew about this greencongress project website.

    Ive been telling Lou to put a map here on GPW.

  6. Edy – it was just an idea I had, did some url searches to see what was available. greencongress2012.com is also available.

  7. President: Jeffrey Sachs, Joseph Stiglitz

    Vice President: Bill Richardson

    Congress: anyone with a graduate degree from Columbia University

  8. Dennis Kucinich should stay where he is and run as a Green, I think. There’s a green City Councilor inCleveland. Here’s a some information about him, his name is Brian Cummins:


    He’s the only person on the City Council who isn’t a Democrat. So there’s a bit of support for the Greens, more than you’ll see for them in most places, at least. But Kucinich could get a lot of support behind himself in a Green run, I think. It would be a major figure breaking from the Democrats, which is significant, even if he isn’t the perfect Green. I send him an email saying that every time he’s sent one of those emails out asking for advice on what to do because of redistricting, and every time I reply that he should run as a Green, but at this point it’s just fantasy.

  9. Okay, we got Andy Caffrey running in CA-1: http://www.caffreyforcongress.org/ – That’s a good start!

    And I stumbled upon a “green-conservative” running: http://casida2012.com/platform/ in Colorado. Her platform is very “Ron Paul” with a hint of free-market sustainability. I’m very much in this category, I help my friend with his Compost Tea and Permaculture Landscape business, we don’t want subsidies from the government, just for them to stop giving them to corn and stop putting Monsanto in the DOA. If the government stopped helping the enemies of “Green” then Green would prove itself on the market (and already is despite the fact). The Green Party of Colorado should consider supporting Casida if they don’t have a candidate.

  10. Looks like Cafferty is a Green running for the Democrat Party nomination. Perhaps we can convince him to stay Green and help kick-start the Green Congress 2012 Campaign.

  11. Okay, last post for the night (been surfing the world wide web):

    OH-1: Rich Stevenson is running: http://cs2pr.us/Rich/, looks like he is involved with the Green Party but claims to be non-affiliated. Run on the Ohio Green Party ticket with Dennis?

    And in Florida District 24 Nicholas Ruiz III is running: http://intertheory.org/nriii-031810.html – appears he was the 2010 Green Party candidate for Congress, and is attempting to run as a Democrat this year (like Cafferty). Perhaps another potential “Stay Green” candidate?

    Getting a decent Green Party website template (wordpress template?) will help us out a lot. Or at least someone with time to build sites for candidates with low funds.

  12. Bill McKibben for President. Time to re-emphasize the Green Party as an Environmental Party.

  13. Is Bill McKibben in NY or MA? House or Senate run? The last third party to win the Presidency (The Republicans) had won several Congressional (House) seats the previous two elections.

    We really need to focus our strongest candidates on Congress, with the Presidential ticket being a means to keep the party focused on a national movement.


    Bill would be great! But even our Pres/VP candidates should be running for a lower office as well (if that is possible).

    Also want to add Jerry Wilson of Oregon to the list: http://www.viva-la-revolucion.org/

  14. I would like to ditto the sentiment that we should try to convert the left flank of the democratic party like congressmen Kucinich and Grayson, and the idea to make a website with an election map.
    I Don’t know any Greens in Massachusetts other then Jill Stein and the two people who ran in two state house races but I would really love to find more people to run for congress. There are almost always several Congressional seats that go uncontested and it would be great from some Greens to jump into the race.
    Here is my list of Green presidential candidates I would want to see:
    Bernie Sanders
    Rocky Anderson?
    Russ Feingold

  15. I love everyone’s input. Keep it coming. Keep announcing those Green Party members who are already considering running in 2012!

  16. How could we get the National Party to make filling Congressional Ballots a priority? I really think the Presidential race needs to take a back seat (but not be forgotten). Especially if we have seats going uncontested (to a Democrat or Republican). We need to strongly present the Green Party as the legitimate challenge to both the Democrat and Republican establishments. Being the “Second-Party” in uncontested races will help us do that.

  17. If we, as a national movement, are going to work on any local/state campaigns, it should be in Washington D.C., where Greens are actually the “Second-Party.” (and fighting for D.C. to become a State).

    Aside from that, local/state parties need to focus on local/state races/issues, and our national mentality needs to be focused on Congress, at least for 2012. As we’ve seen, National Green Party victories in Europe have made local victories that much easier and natural. By focusing on Congress, that energy will passively assist all other races (local and President) in the present and future.

    We need something practical to focus on collectively. The Presidency, outside of an “educational campaign,” is not practical. Congress is.

  18. You know, I would like to know what exactly the National Green Party does with its money and if they put up most of the money for the Presidential race or for local/state races???

    It’s important because if they are running the party top-down, it will almost never grow. We need to run the party bottom-up. Someone mentioned to me that in Canada, the Green Party put almost all of their funds into electing Elizabeth May. That is something we should consider.

  19. Yeah, I definitely think that the Green Parties success in Canada can serve as a great model for the U.S. I really think we should hone our resources on one or two winnable congressional or local races, preferably in liberal districts with a lack luster, corrupt or conservative democratic incumbent.
    Some suggestions:

  20. I don’t think there are any winnable congressional races for the Green Party at this point. Not to say we shouldn’t run any congressional candidates, but there’s no point in deluding ourselves.

  21. http://karenkforcongress.com/issues

    VA-6: Maybe worthy of a Green endorsement if no one else runs in that district: “A thriving natural environment is part and parcel of the Valley’s economy, whether it is local farmers, local business and industries, or cities, colleges, and universities. None of us need jackbooted EPA inspectors or regulatory regimes to educate us on the value of healthy soil and clean water, but we do need the government to protect our private property rights.”

  22. @Ben: I think toward the end we will definitely need to focus on the strongest few candidates. First we need some candidates and a dialogue going about such a push. We need to see some activism in building the State Parties in the time being (which will still help if the entire campaign is not successful). Once people start running we need to work to get as many ballot access as possible. Once we’ve got everyone who we can on the ballot, we can then start to see who begins to build support. I think the campaigns that are going to have a chance will naturally start attracting the attention of the entire movement, and hopefully then begin receiving the funds necessary to win.

    @Ross: http://rp12gp.us – “There is no fate but what we make.” – Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  23. For President: Cornel West, Bernie Sanders, or Mike Gravel (top three)
    Senate: Jared Ball, Matt Gonzales, Cornel West, Howie Hawkins, Cindy Sheehan
    Congress: John L. Gray, Ian Murphy, Cynthia McKinney, Jesse Johnson, LeAlan Jones

  24. If there is another special election in NY, hopefully Ian runs again.

  25. Let’s get a Green in the House!!!

    I am currently keeping my focus on Ron Paul, at least until the Ames Straw Poll on August 13th. After that poll (Ron Paul win or not) I will want to start putting my focus on Greens running for Congress (and other offices).

    I like to put together the dream lists, but all we need is 1 serious declared candidate for Congress (House or Senate) to start working with.

    What we (Grassroots Greens) need to do is the following:

    * Help candidates get their websites clean/presentable.
    * Help them gets funds (let’s start doing Green Money Bombs – they work for Ron Paul).
    * Write articles, post comments, link link link.
    * Network, find friends in the candidates district and write. Write to newspapers, activist groups e
    * Meet-up – We need to start using meetup.com, and doing actual meet-ups. Libertarians and Ron Paul groups have made great use out of that site, it is how I got involved locally in SF.
    * Build a forum – I want this page to be that forum, but it needs to allow members to post their own content, just like DailyPaul.com (which has a very similar format as this page).
    * Push the general drive – “Green Party for Congress 2012″ It’s time for a 3rd Party.

    We need a candidate though. So far we have Greens running as Democrats and Independents. Perhaps it is a bit early still, until we get a single Green candidate for Congress I’m keeping my energy in helping Ron Paul win the Republican Nomination.

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