Hugh Giordano reaches out to supporters

Hugh Giordano, who ran a very effective campaign for state legislature in PA, has written to his supporters asking that they lend their support to Cheri Honkala in her bid to be elected Sheriff in Philadelphia. The letter is printed in full below the fold.

Friends and Supporters,

Thank you once again for your support during my campaign for State Rep. last year. Now, I would like to tell you about a really great candidate that I am supporting for Sheriff of Phila. in the November Election. Her name is Cheri Honkala and her campaign platform is simple: Keep Families Where They Belong; In Their Homes. Like me, she is running on the Green Party ticket.

One job that a Sheriff performs is enforcing the eviction process of people whose homes are foreclosed. This policy creates homelessness, vacant properties and neighborhood blight. When Cheri is elected, she wants to make some big changes. No more evictions until our economy is stabilized.

We have seen our government bail out the bankers on Wall St., but who is going to bail out the hard-working people on Main St., Markel St., Mitchell St. and all the other streets in our neighborhood? We need Cheri as Sheriff because, unlike her opponents, she will represent you and me. You can learn more about Cheri Honkala on her website at www.cherihonkala.com

I am asking for your support in a couple of ways:

* Sign the petition to get Cheri Honkala on the ballot this November. Just call (888) 434-7914 or hit REPLY to this email and someone will bring the petition to your door for your signature.

* Come out and meet Cheri Honkala at Adobe Cafe, 4550 Mitchell Street, on Tuesday, August 2nd for Happy Hour from 4:30 until 6:30pm. For more information, call (888) 434-7914.

* Send a contribution to Friends of Cheri Honkala, c/o Hillary Kane,Treasurer. 5031 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143 or Paypal at www.cherihonkala.com If everyone would take just one minute and send a contribution of $10, it would mean a great deal.

Please do what you can to help out this great candidate. I know I can count on you once again.

Hugh Giordano

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