Terry Baum Running for SF Mayor

The Bay Area Reporter has a feature piece on Terry Baum, an out lesbian and Green who is challenging the Democratic Party status quo in San Francisco Politics by running for Mayor.

“There are a lot of problems in San Francisco and Democrats have been governing a long time. They have to take responsibility for those problems,” said Baum, 64, in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter. “We have a one-party city. It is not healthy for North Korea being a one-party state and it is not healthy for San Francisco.”

City Hall is awash in cronyism, contends Baum, who argues electing her mayor would bring that to an end.

“The best way to break that up and bring some fresh air in would be to elect a Green mayor,” she said. “People feel disconnected from politics because there aren’t enough voices.”

Due to ranked-choice voting, Baum argued she can’t be tarred and feathered as a spoiler candidate, as Green candidates have been blamed in the past.

“There is no issue of throwing away your vote,” said Baum. “People are free to vote for me as their number one and put the person they think has a better chance of winning as their number two.”

Read the entire article here.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. Terry rocks, I was at the meeting where she received early endorsement. The platform that the SF Greens put together is incredible as well. Even though I recently moved out of SF, I still visit the city and consider it my second home. I plan (and actually started) to write an endorsement article, Baum/Avalos/Yee for Mayor (ranked choice) and Mirkarimi for Sheriff (saw a bunch of signs yesterday when I was in the City, Ross will make a great Sheriff).

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