UPDATED: 2011 Green Party candidates across the US

2011 may not be a big year for federal elections, but it is an excellent year for Green Party supporters around the US to pitch in and lend a hand to the intrepid Green candidates who are running for offices big and small. Here is a list (alphabetical by state)  of some of the Green candidates who have declared campaigns in 2011. If you know of more Green campaigns in upcoming elections, or if you notice anything wrong with the information here, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Thurs. 8/18 UPDATE: More candidates and websites have been added for Maine, Maryland, and Minnesota, among others. Thanks to everyone who has left comments, and keep them coming!


Dave Croteau and Mary DeCamp, Tucson Mayor (primary August 30)


Larry Bragman, Fairfax Town Council

Terry Baum, San Francisco Mayor


Ben Holden, Canton Selectman

Dan Delventhal, Fairfield Constable

Daphne Dixon, Fairfield Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

David Bedell, New Canaan Constable

Hector Lopez, New Canaan Constable

Leif Smith, Redding Constable

Mary Farrell, Stamford Constable

Rolf Maurer, Stamford Constable

Ruthann Johnson, Middletown Common Council

Links to all CT candidate websites can be found at the CT Green Party website.


Javier Del Sol, Lake Worth Mayor


David Marshall and John Eder, Portland Mayor (no primary; general election will use instant runoff voting)

Jack Safarik, Portland Water District

Josephine Okot, School Board at Large


Bill Barry, Baltimore City Council District 3

Douglas Armstrong, Baltimore City Council District 14

Christine Nagle, College Park City Council District 1


Mark Miller, MA State Representative, 3rd Berkshire District (special election October 18)

Rick Purcell, Holyoke City Council

Tim Beaudoin, Worcester City Council


Devin Miller, St. Paul School Board

Johnny Howard, St. Paul City Council Ward 1

Jim Ivey, St. Paul City Council Ward 2

Bee K. Xiong, St. Paul City Council Ward 6

New Jersey:

Michael Spector, New Jersey General Assembly, District 26

Steven Welzer, New Jersey General Assembly, District 14

New York:

Alex White, Rochester City Council South District

Cecile Lawrence, Tioga County Legislature District 3

Chris Edes, Monroe County Legislature District 24

Gregory Horn, New York State Assembly District 144 (special election September 13)

Howie Hawkins, Syracuse Common Council

Joe Duffy, Hornell Alderman

Mike Bernhard, Afton Town Board

Vinessa Buckland, Chili Town Board


Anita Rios, Toledo City Council District 4

Sean Nestor, Toledo City Council District 6


Cheri Honkala, Philadelphia Sheriff

Brian Rudnick, Philadelphia City Council District 8

Jay Sweeney, Falls Township Supervisor


Audrey Clement, Arlington County Board

Chris Simmons, Loudon County Soil and Water Conservation Board

West Virginia:

Bob Henry Baber, Governor (special election October 4)

Dave Schwab


  1. Thanks for putting this list together.

    Here is some additional information about the St. Paul elections in Minnesota:
    – Devin Miller’s website is http://www.millerforschools.org/
    – We also have a City Council candidate in Ward 6 – http://xiongforsaintpaul.org/
    – Candidates are running as part of a coordinated campaign – http://greensaintpaul.org/

    The coordinated campaign is pushing for a strong third-party presence in local politics. It was started by the Green Party of Saint Paul, but is attracting progressives from across the city.

    We have a great opportunity this year in Saint Paul because of the work we did two years ago to get Ranked Choice Voting passed. This will be the first election it will be used for the City Council candidates, and it will definitely come into play in Wards 1 and 2. It’s also allowing us to carry our message all the way through to the general election, so a lot more people are going to hear about the Green 10 Key Values this fall.

    We’ve got a serious shot at putting at least one Green on the Saint Paul city council, but we’ll need a lot of help, so get the message out wherever you can, and encourage people to donate to either the coordinated campaign or individual campaigns.


    Jim Ivey
    Candidate for Saint Paul City Council, Ward 2

  2. Wisconsin’s election cycle for 2011 was in April, not including the special recall elections in August. There were 6 Green Party candidates in Wisconsin:

    Tony Palmeri – Mayor, Oshkosh (lost – 2nd of 2 candidates, 6,063 votes, 47%)
    Bob Poeschl – Oshkosh Common Council (won re-election, 1st of 5 candidates, 6,830 votes, 36%)
    Ron Hardy – Oshkosh Common Council (lost – 5th of 5 candidates, 4,562 votes, 16%)
    Brian Solomon – Madison Common Council (won re-election, 2,841 votes, 69%)
    Marsha Rummel – Madison Common Council (won re-election, 4,026 votes, 71%)
    Satya Rhodes-Conway – Madison Common Council (won re-election, uncontested)

  3. Maryland –

    Bill Barry, Baltimore City Council (District 3)
    Douglas Armstrong, Baltimore City Council (District 14)
    Christine Nagle, College Park City Council (District 1) (incumbent)

  4. You forgot two candidates in Portland, Maine: Josephine Okot (School board at large) and Jack Safarik (Portland Water District).

  5. In VA, Chris Simmons is running for Soil and Water Conservation Board in Loudoun County. More local candidates are likely to be endorsed by the state party at its October meeting.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but this list is for people who will have their election day this year, not in 2012? The statement is somewhat vague.

  7. There are two announced candidates in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

    Eugene Hernandez for state assembly and Michael Powelson for Congress.

    More announced candidates coming soon.

  8. In Maryland Douglas Armstrong and William Barry are running for seats on the Baltimore City Council.

  9. My understanding is that Chris Simmons is an incumbent running for re-election to the Loudon Water and Conservation Board in VA.

  10. Wendy: if there are no candidates in your state this time around, get in touch with your state and local Greens and start organizing for the next time! Also, you can donate to candidates in other states.

    Eddie: this list is of candidates who are running in 2011 elections. Since off-year elections usually get so little attention (as do most local elections) I thought it would be good to put the spotlight on them with this post.

    Ross: I couldn’t find a current site for Ruthann Johnson, but I’m sure the CT Greens would know how to get in touch with her.

  11. To all Greens, Baltimore is at a cross roads in 2011. Bill Barry and I can win, but we’ll need everyone’s help. Money yes, but most of all pushing Greens to get out and VOTE ! I’d also like any Green anywhere to ‘LIKE’ me on my Facebook page.

    Once past Baltimore’s primary ( Sept 13th ) Bill and I will work to focus citizens attention on why we’re the right choice and how we will change Baltimore and City Hall.


    Douglas Armstrong Green Party Candidate !4th District City Council, Baltimore, Maryland

  12. Any chance someone could replace the “2010 Green Party candidates” tab with the information from this post for 2011?

  13. OK, 2010 Candidates page has been archived, 2011 Green Party Candidates created and tabbed. Thank you for pointing that out, Jim Ivey.

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