New York Green Party rolls out list of 2011 candidates

The New York Green Party has published a list of Green candidates running in this year’s general election on November 8th. The 18 candidates on the list are running for a range of local offices, including town/city council, school board, and county legislature, in locations from Syracuse and Rochester to Suffolk County. For the details, check out the Green Party of New York State website and GPW’s own list of 2011 Green candidates.


Green Parties sponsor “No Nukes Tour: Organize the South!”

Hot Indie News reports:

Green Parties in several states are co-sponsoring and hosting a ‘No Nukes Tour’ of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida from Monday, October 3, to Saturday, October 8.The No Nukes Tour, with the slogan “Organize the South!”, will feature Green activist and candidate Howie Hawkins. Mr. Hawkins has been an organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, the environment, and independent politics and against nuclear power since the late 1960s.

The tour will kick off with a press conference at 10 am at the Raleigh Old State House in North Carolina.

For more information and a schedule of tour events, read the article at Hot Indie News.


Green Party Watch’s Ross Levin arrested in Wall Street Protest!

Ross belongs to the Philadelphia Green Party, and if any of you follow Green Party happenings across the country, he’s a regular poster throughout the Facebook world.
He is also a contributor to Greenpartywatch and Independent Political Report.
Comments from Ross Levin, GPW contributor:
“I was there wearing a Green Party shirt, as well! You can see some photos of me online if you look around…”
“I’ve got some nice big brown curly hair. It’s a Green Party of Philadelphia shirt. I got arrested Saturday, so you might see some photos of that. It’s the only green shirt that says “Green” in the Green Party font that I saw.”

Green Party of the US endorses, joins ‘October 2011’ protest against the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and 2012 austerity budget

OCTOBER2011.orgIn a press release sent to Green Party Watch, the Green Party of the United States endorsed plans to engage in a long term protest in Washington DC. Echoing the call from October2011.org, the press release quotes Sanda Everette of California.

“In making this endorsement, we’re challenging the dangerous political direction of the US. We also challenge others who support ‘October 2011′ to recognize the Green Party’s leadership on the issues these events will address, such as endless wars, the demand for Medicare For All universal health care and millions of new jobs, and the need to end the control of top corporations over our political system,” said Sanda Everette, member of the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California and former co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. Ms. Everette will participate in the October 6 event.

Greens and others interested in supporting the party and the occupation of Freedom Plaza can check for local leadership at the October 2011 website. The full text of the press release is below the fold. Continue Reading


Wangari Muta Maathai, founder of the Green Belt Movement, Mazingira Green Party of Kenya, Nobel Peace Prize winner, dead of cancer at age 71

Wangari MaathaiIn a statement posted at their website, The Greenbelt Movement announced the death of Wangari Muta Maathai, the founder of the organization.

Prof. Wangari Muta Maathai started the Green Belt Movement in 1977, working with women to improve their livelihoods by increasing their access to resources like firewood for cooking and clean water. She became a great advocate for better management of natural resources and for sustainability, equity, and justice. A synopsis of her life and work can be read here.

In addition to her work with the Greenbelt Movement, Maathai founded the Mazingira Green Party of Kenya. The Daily Nation in Nairobi gives an interesting perspective on her brave efforts and extensive accomplishments. Greens and others of good will across the globe will miss her deeply.


Mass Alliance endorses Mark Miller for MA State Rep

The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party has announced another endorsement for Mark Miller, the Green candidate for MA State Representative in the 3rd Berkshire District:

Breaking News! Mark just today received the endorsement of the Mass Alliance, the foremost coalition of progressive organizations in Massachusetts,  including economic and social justice, labor, immigrant, environmental, womens, gblt and progressive Democratic organizations.

This is their first ever endorsement for a Green-Rainbow candidate.  If ever there was a sign that the political landscape is changing, this is it. With endorsements from the UAW, Mass Nurses Association, and the Mass Alliances, it’s clear that Mark Miller is breaking through the Beacon Hill sound barrier, and his message – our message – is getting heard. Continue Reading

Interview with Bob Henry Baber, WV Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate

Over at Alternet, Jeff Biggers has published a detailed interview with Bob Henry Baber, the West Virginia Mountain Party’s candidate for governor in an October 4th special election:

In a blatant genuflect to the coal industry’s stranglehold over state politics, the West Virginia Broadcasters Association blocked the participation of popular Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Dr. Bob Henry Baber last week, as it hosted a widely denounced debate between the two climate-change-denying, Big-Coal-bankrolled candidates.

Never has West Virginia seemed more like an embarrassing 19th-century throwback to dirty politics and absentee corporation control over the very heart of democratic elections than in the upcoming gubernatorial race.

Never has Baber’s inspiring and heartfelt campaign platform for a just transition to a sustainable and clean energy economy in ailing coal country seemed more timely — and threatening to the Democratic and Republican Parties.

Read Biggers’ interview with Bob Henry Baber at Alternet.


KALW News interview with Terry Baum, Green for San Francisco Mayor

KALW News has published an interview with Terry Baum, Green Party candidate for Mayor of San Francisco, at SFGate.com:

This year’s SF mayoral election is ranked choice, meaning San Franciscans can all vote for more than one candidate. If the frontrunner doesn’t get a majority of first place votes, the second place votes kick in. And that process is going to make for a lot of contenders – 16 of them, in fact. And one is Terry Baum.

Baum worked on the congressional campaign of famed feminist Bella Abzug back in 1970. She then moved to the Bay Area and started working with a lesbian theater company. In 2004 she ran as a Green candidate against Representative Nancy Pelosi for her seat in the House. And now, Baum is taking her thoughts back to the people of San Francisco by running for mayor.

Read the interview at SFGate.com.


Utica man announces Green mayoral run

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports from Utica, New York:

UTICA — The city mayoral race is going green. Robert Clemente, 53, on Tuesday announced he will be running for mayor on the Green Party line – meaning five people are in contention for the position. Clemente acknowledged he is starting late in the race, but in the remaining time before the election, he plans to talk about issues, solutions and a vision for improving Utica, he said.

During his announcement Tuesday at F.T. Proctor Park, Clemente spoke about various goals for saving the city money, and many ideas had an environmental focus. One of his main initiatives would be to take over street-lighting from National Grid and build toward medium-scale municipal power generation using methods such as solar panels, he said. “We will think green, live green and save green,” he said.

Read the full article at the Utica Observer-Dispatch.


Allwine: Baltimore press ignoring Green candidates

Maria Allwine, former Maryland Green Party gubernatorial candidate, recently had a letter published in the Baltimore Sun decrying the newspaper’s failure to cover Green Party candidates in local elections:

As usual, The Sun does a grave disservice to its readers and Baltimore City voters by refusing to acknowledge that there are Green Party candidates running in the general election. No mention is made of Doug Armstrong, running for City Council in the 14th District and Bill Barry, running for City Council in the 3rd. Both Bill and Doug are long-time community organizers and are exactly what Baltimore needs to break the stranglehold the Democratic party machine has had for decades as well as the pay-to-play system that benefits wealthy developers and political insiders and leaves the citizens of this city out in the cold. Mr. Barry received 27 percent of the vote in his previous run against Councilman Robert Curran, and with unbiased coverage from The Sun, he could well win this time. No doubt the possibility of Green Party candidates winning is why The Sun refuses to cover them. Continue Reading