Cities with multiple Green candidates in 2011 elections

In 2009, Green candidates won 35% of municipal elections that they entered. Given this figure, it’s not hard to see that with more Greens running in more local elections around the country, the Green Party could become America’s third major party in the course of a few election cycles. Here’s a shout-out to cities where Greens are leading the way by running more than one candidate in 2011 elections, roughly arranged by population. Will your town be next?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cheri Honkala, Philadelphia Sheriff

Brian Rudnick, Philadelphia City Council District 8

Baltimore, Maryland

Bill Barry, Baltimore City Council District 3

Douglas Armstrong, Baltimore City Council District 14

Tucson, Arizona

Mary DeCamp, Tucson Mayor

Beryl Baker, Tucson City Council Ward 1

St. Paul, Minnesota

Devin Miller, St. Paul School Board

Johnny Howard, St. Paul City Council Ward 1

Jim Ivey, St. Paul City Council Ward 2

Bee K. Xiong, St. Paul City Council Ward 6

Toledo, Ohio

Anita Rios, Toledo City Council District 4

Sean Nestor, Toledo City Council District 6

Portland, Maine

David Marshall and John Eder, Portland Mayor (no primary; general election will use instant runoff voting)

Jack Safarik, Portland Water District

Josephine Okot, Portland School Board at Large

New London, Connecticut

Joan Sullivan, New London City Council

Jessica Cartagena, New London City Council

Ken Hansen, New London City Council

Ronna Stuller, New London Board of Education

Myrna Martinez, New London Board of Education

Fairfax, California

Larry Bragman, Fairfax Town Council

Ryan O’Neil, Fairfax Town Council

Fairfield, Connecticut

Dan Delventhal, Fairfield Constable

Daphne Dixon, Fairfield Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate

New Canaan, Connecticut

David Bedell, New Canaan Constable

Hector Lopez, New Canaan Constable

Stamford, Connecticut

Mary Farrell, Stamford Constable

Rolf Maurer, Stamford Constable

(Links to all CT candidate websites can be found at the CT Green Party website.)

Dave Schwab


  1. Fairfax, CA, the only Green Party town with a majority Green government, has two candidates running for town council this year. Larry Bragman and Ryan O’Neil.

  2. Oshkosh, Wisconsin had three Greens on the ballot this Spring: Tony Palmeri for Mayor, Bob Poeschl for City Council, and Ron Hardy (me) for City Council.

  3. One quick note: The Saint Paul City Council races are all using Ranked Voting for the first time (name changed from instant runoff voting). The races are all going very well, and partially thanks to Ranked Voting we’ve got a shot at putting our first Greens into elected office in Saint Paul.

  4. Correction: I’m not running this year. It’s a competitive race in New Canaan, so we’ll focus on re-electing Hector Lopez for constable.

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