Norwegian Green Party makes breakthrough in regional elections

Norway’s Green Party (Miljøpartiet de Grønne) is celebrating after this weekend’s regional elections, in which the Greens increased their number of local representatives from 6 to 18. Many local councils will get their first Green representatives after the vote, including Oslo and Bergen, Norway’s largest cities. From the Norwegian Green Party website:

From the preliminary count, the Greens appear to have won 17 local council mandates and 1 county council mandate. This is an increase of 12 seats from the 2007 election, if the county council mandate is included. The party has gotten mandates in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim (2), Kristiansand, Nesodden (2), Halden, Mandal, Tromsø, Lillehammer, Ås, Porsgrunn, Meland, Aurland, Flakstad, and Vestvågøy. In addition, the Greens got one representative on the county council in Hordaland.

“We are extremely pleased with the results – we have reached our goal of making a breakthrough as a national party. There are an enormous number of volunteer hours that have been put in across the entire country to create this breakthrough,” said Hanna E. Marcussen, national spokeswoman for the Greens.

The Greens generally got good results in many of the areas they campaigned in. There were only a few areas where they didn’t gain enough votes for a mandate.

“We have managed to show that we are a strong force on its way in to Norwegian politics. Today we’ll settle down and enjoy the results, then we’ll begin the real work of making Norwegian local governments greener,” said Harald A. Nissen, national spokesman for the Greens.

Dave Schwab