Green Party endorses Sept. 15 Rally for Palestine at UN

WASHINGTON, DC — The Green Party of the United States has endorsed the Thursday, September 15 Palestine Rally at the United Nations, in support of the right of self-determination for Palestinians.

The march and rally (http://al-awdany.org/2011/07/sept-15-palestine-rally-at-the-united-nations), scheduled to take place in advance of a UN vote on recognition of Palestinian statehood, are sponsored by the Palestine UN Solidarity Coalition.

Participants will call for the US to cut off aid for Israel, for Israel to end its occupation of the Palestinian territories, and for national and international boycott, divestment, and sanctions against Israel until it complies with numerous resolutions promising Palestinians their basic rights.  The Green Party has consistently supported these goals and spoken out publicly for sovereignty, equality, and the right of return for Palestinians, including an end to apartheid inside Israel.

“For too many decades, Palestinian rights have been delayed.  The protests that are taking place in various cities this week will communicate an important message: delaying rights is effectively denying rights.  The time to recognize and implement rights is now,” said Muhammed Malik, member of the Green Party’s International Committee (http://www.gp.org/committees/intl) and co-chair of Miami-Dade Green Party.  Mr. Malik will be speaking at the South Florida Palestinian Self-Determination Rally on September 15 (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=217314961638622)


Marchers in New York City will gather at Times Square at 4:30 pm and march to Grand Central and then continue on to the UN at 5:30 pm.  Greens plan to participate and march under the party’s banner.  For events in Washington, DC and other cities, visit “September 15: Real Democracy, Not Hypocrisy” (http://www.september15.org and http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=219805248070924).

“The UN vote alone won’t solve the Middle East conflict and ensure Palestinians their human rights,” said Justine McCabe, co-chair of the International Committee.  “That’s why the demands of the September 15 rally remain important.  We must place pressure on Israel and push the US to reverse its policy of unquestioning support for Israel’s criminal actions, such as the 2009 invasion of Gaza, occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and internal apartheid.”

The Green Party has called for a negotiated, peaceful resolution to the conflict that establishes full rights and security for all Israelis and Palestinians, with an immediate end to all violence directed at unarmed civilians.

Green Party leaders view the two-state solution as a half-measure, intended at best to end Israel’s military occupation in some parts of the West Bank, while not addressing the heart of the conflict — the dispossession since 1948 of the majority native population of historic Palestine and Israel’s refusal to allow Palestinian refugees to return home.  Greens have advocated the one-state solution, in which all citizens enjoy full citizenship and rights regardless of ethnicity or religion, and have warned that the two-state solution will result in ongoing conflict and violence, while the formation of a single democratic state would bring greater possibility for sustainable peace.

Greens supported the Gaza-bound flotillas that faced blockades and assaults by the Israeli Navy when they carried food and humanitarian aid to besieged Palestinians (http://www.gp.org/press/pr-national.php?ID=431).


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Dave Schwab


  1. I’m glad that the Green Party is supporting this rally. However, I see the insistence on a one-state solution as paternalistic. It’s as if the GP is sending the message, “we support Palestinians’ right of self-determination, but we know what’s best for them, regardless of what they may want.” I know that many people feel very strongly about this issue, and I don’t want to start any flame wars, but in my humble opinion, this is an unappealing and unfortunate aspect of an otherwise good policy position.

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