Utica man announces Green mayoral run

The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports from Utica, New York:

UTICA — The city mayoral race is going green. Robert Clemente, 53, on Tuesday announced he will be running for mayor on the Green Party line – meaning five people are in contention for the position. Clemente acknowledged he is starting late in the race, but in the remaining time before the election, he plans to talk about issues, solutions and a vision for improving Utica, he said.

During his announcement Tuesday at F.T. Proctor Park, Clemente spoke about various goals for saving the city money, and many ideas had an environmental focus. One of his main initiatives would be to take over street-lighting from National Grid and build toward medium-scale municipal power generation using methods such as solar panels, he said. “We will think green, live green and save green,” he said.

Read the full article at the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Dave Schwab


  1. Very nice. Even though he’s late to the game and one of five candidates, it’s awesome to step into the race and give the Green Party some visibility. Democrats and Republicans do it in races they know they won’t win, there’s no reason for the Green Party not to. Who knows, you might get someone interested in the party just because there was a candidate in the race.

  2. I wouldn’t count him out. The other 4 candidates are all running the same 50 year old cookie cutter campaigns. They’re all old tired out political names. Clemente is talking about fresh ideas. If he can raise even the minimum amount of money to be visible and get his message out, he could surprise everyone. At worst case, he is still a great addition to this campaign. In a 3-1 Democratic city, we’ve had Republican mayors for 30 years. Maybe he’ll force the Democrats to get back to their roots and start talking about progressive issues. Clemente 2011!!!!

  3. I really would like to get in touch with Robert Clemente and the Green party in Utica. How should I go about that? It’s pretty vague online. I have campaigned for the green party years ago, and locally for the democrats a while back. Definitely interested in speaking with him asap. Please leave me a message here on how to reach him or the Green Party locally. I would really appreciate it.

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