Green Party Watch’s Ross Levin arrested in Wall Street Protest!

Ross belongs to the Philadelphia Green Party, and if any of you follow Green Party happenings across the country, he’s a regular poster throughout the Facebook world.
He is also a contributor to Greenpartywatch and Independent Political Report.
Comments from Ross Levin, GPW contributor:
“I was there wearing a Green Party shirt, as well! You can see some photos of me online if you look around…”
“I’ve got some nice big brown curly hair. It’s a Green Party of Philadelphia shirt. I got arrested Saturday, so you might see some photos of that. It’s the only green shirt that says “Green” in the Green Party font that I saw.”


  1. Seriously guys, we need to make GPW more user and administrator friendly. I cannot figure out where to place links and why all the content gets lumped up into one paragraph.

    Edy Alvarez

    San Fernando Valley Green Party

  2. Ross Levin is a PURE TALENT and has all ready become a leader. The Green Party and all progressives expect big things from Ross. I would also suggest that if any candidate is looking for a blogger and website director, hire and contact this guy. He will do an amazing job for you!

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