New York Green Party rolls out list of 2011 candidates

The New York Green Party has published a list of Green candidates running in this year’s general election on November 8th. The 18 candidates on the list are running for a range of local offices, including town/city council, school board, and county legislature, in locations from Syracuse and Rochester to Suffolk County. For the details, check out the Green Party of New York State website and GPW’s own list of 2011 Green candidates.

  1. Brent McMillan says:

    It is my understanding that Mary Adams will appear on both the Democrat and Green Party Lines, whereas Howard Eagle and Wallace Smith will appear on the Green Party line only. Therefore Mary Adams will not be listed as a Green Party candidate by Green Party of the United States.

  2. Jack says:

    Feel free to use and edit my images up: “Vote Local – Vote Green”

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