Special WV Governor election today with Mountain Party candidate Baber

West Virginia is holding a special election for governor today, October 4, and one of the candidates is the Mountain Party’s Bob Henry Baber. The Mountain Party, WV’s Green Party affiliate, has made a name for itself by opposing mountaintop removal mining, which both Democrats and Republicans support and which MP candidates have dubbed “ground zero for global climate change”. WBOY Channel 12 recently interviewed Baber for his thoughts on the election:

“To speak for the common man, woman and child of West Virginia and try to move West Virginia into the 21st century and tell the truth about where we are, running a three-legged race with Mississippi to be the poorest state in the union — and we should be the wealthiest — it can never be a futile effort. You just do what you do and leave it to the voters to decide. Where would the world be without futile efforts?” he said.

“Politics is awful hard to read. I know the people are sick of the negative ads. I feel that I have some wind at my back right now. I think the Mountain Party is going to grow this year.”

Dave Schwab


  1. “which MP candidates have dubbed “ground zero for global climate change”” Um … No. Global warming is a myth. I do not support mountain top removal because of the environmental impact but saying it is ground zero for global climate change is just wrong.

    • “Global warming is a myth” Um … No,
      The data is there and is solid. As a geo-archaeologist who has studied the transitions from Glacial to Inter-Glacial to Glacial to Inter-Glacial (where we are now) and our evolution and adaptation to those changes, it most certainly is not a myth. There are multiple facets of evidence, from ice cores and geo-physical changes in the sedimentation over the past 100,000 years (especially in the northern Great Plains that were heavily affected by repeated glaciations), to animal populations and migration evidence. The Globe is warming, and it is a natural process. Typical Inter-Glacials (warm periods) last about 10,000 – 20,000 years, and we are pushing about 18,000 years. Which seems to be fine- except that we are a couple of degrees warmer and our atmosphere has a different makeup than what it should at this stage; meaning we are in uncharted territory. The difference has come about since the late 19th century (with the widespread availability and use of fossil fuels), and has been an exponential curve since then. Global Warming is not the issue- it is the Glacial period that will follow it after we dump enough cooling glacial-melt into the oceans and slow/stop the currents that drive our currently (and comparatively) moderate weather. While it is true that have survived the previous Glacial periods, we apparently thrive in the warm Inter-Glacials- so this will be a wake-up call for most people (especially in the “Civilized” 1st and 2nd world countries).

      Besides, “Global Warming” is not a religion or moral standard, so it can’t be “believed in”…
      It is a series of factual data that can only be accepted as valid or proved invalid (a “test”), and in the absence of any real data (Independent Variables) that can completely and accurately account for the uncharted exponential warming rate it stands as valid.

  2. 8th USA Parliament’s Environmental Minister Marla Ingle’s [Independent] groundbreaking campaign to be the first woman ever elected as Governor of West Virginia was a great success because she was able to connect with the All Party System (and independents) and make good headway towards all parties and independents coordinating within the advanced Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system. She was always accessible and easily reached, in her campaign as a team player.

    Next test for the 8th USA Parliament is Kentucky, where Deputy Environmental Minister Dea Riley [Independent] is a candidate for Lt. Governor for the November 1st election. Dea is the only female candidate, and has been supporting Gatewood Galbraith [Independent] for Governor of Kentucky.

    Deputy Environmental Minister Dea Riley [Independent] for Lt. Gov. of KY:

    8th USA Parliament 60 Cabinet Ministers:

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