Greens in special elections today in Pittsfield and Minneapolis

Green Party candidates are running in two special elections scheduled for October 18th, one each in Pittsfield, MA and Minneapolis, MN.

In Pittsfield, Mark Miller is running for Massachusetts State Representative in the 3rd Berkshires District. Miller earned 45% of the vote for the same office in 2010. For more information on his campaign, check out his website.

In Minneapolis, Farheen Hakeem is running for Minnesota State Senate in District 61. Hakeem took 30% of the vote in a 2008 run for MN State House. For more information on her campaign, check out her website.

Dave Schwab


  1. Environmental Minister Dea Riley [Independent] elected to
    the USA Parliament’s Cabinet today as full minister, and
    is a candidate for Lt. Governor in Kentucky in the November 1st,
    2011 election.

    It’s very clear that the Green Party does not have a monopoly
    on environmentalism.

    Read more about this and other items, such as the votes cast
    on the Platform which includes 50 items of 120 from the Occupy
    Wall Street blog, on the USA Parliament’s “Day to Day Bulletin”:


  2. I just found out a couple days ago that Farheen was running again. Best of luck to both candidates! If they don’t win, I hope they both consider running for Congress next year. Mark and Farheen are two of our strongest activists/candidates.

    I’m working on getting to MA next February. I’d love to work with Mark to get a Congressional Campaign going (if he wins today obviously he should focus on that office). If my trip continues as planned, I’ll be in MA for Feb. and PA for March. I’d love to work with a GP candidate for congress in each of those states (will be centered in Boston and Phily). I have learned a lot from working on the Ron Paul campaign on how to organize grassroots supporters.

    If you want to help fund my adventure I have a chip-in going: http://jaktober.chipin.com/the-tour-to-end-the-war

  3. Results from MA: http://www.iberkshires.com/blogs/election2010?bid=1327

    Farley-Bouvier: 1,940
    Mark Miller: 1,848

    Wow, that was close.

    Mark (if you read this), please consider running for Congress. I’m going to push myself to make it up to MA during the month of February (it’s a minor money issue, basically I’ll be eating Ramon) and would love to sit down and go over some possible strategy and volunteer any time/help I can give.

    Good luck with the Occupy Movement, I’ve written a recent article that is both encouraging and critical to the movement (I was raised by a single mother, never got financial assistance of any sort, and paid my own way through college, traveled the world, and applied myself to work at my dream job, as well, I have focused my frustration with the system into activism, overcoming the temptation to blame others and pushing myself to do what I can and being content and occupied with that). To me it is about peace of mind, if those protesting were occupied with productive work, they wouldn’t have time to go protest, nor feel the need to:



  4. Unofficial Result from MN: http://electionresults.sos.state.mn.us/20111018/ElecRslts.asp?M=LG&LD=61

    Democratic-Farmer-Labor JEFF HAYDEN 1856 68.24
    Green FARHEEN HAKEEM 595 21.88

    Looks like we got 2nd in both elections today. Again, would love to see Farheen run for Congress. I personally don’t have any plans to make it out to MN though. If I can find a campaign to work with out in MA or PA though, I hope to create a universal strategy.

    1. Taking advantage of meetup.com and social networks to organize supporters and volunteers.
    2. Creating an online forum (this!) for campaigns and supporters to share information and resources.
    3. Bringing artists/video producers together to create sharable content.
    4. Organizing fund-raising (“Money Trees”?). I haven’t done this myself, but have watched a number of successful Money Bombs and know they need a strong internet community/network to make them “blow up”, and a solid theme to attract supporters.
    5. Hit the ground with traditional campaigning.

    I truly believe 2012 can be the year of the first major Green victory in the U.S. If we can get a good number of this Occupy Movement to “put their money where their mouth is” and get involved with the Green Party, we can really rock this thing.

    (I just wrapped up a slow but productive month in Iowa with the Ron Paul campaign, and am looking forward to 3-months of organic farming, next Spring I’d like to shift that energy into the Green Party for Congress).

  5. Jack – as much as I appreciate your enthusiasm, I have to disagree with the Congressional focus. We have no one in state legislatures – but these races show that we have a good chance of winning with strong candidates. I see it as encouragement for Mark and Farheen (and others) to target these and other opportune races in 2012. We should encourage candidates to actually win at lower levels, gain more experience and reputation,make an impact, and take on larger and larger races.

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