NY Greens: Help Howie Hawkins get elected to Syracuse City Council

From the New York Green Party:

Howie Hawkins needs your help to get elected to Syracuse City Council!

Howie won over 40% of the vote the last time he ran for this seat, and that was after having to petition like crazy to get on the ballot. This time, with ballot status, important endorsements from labor and media, and the state and county-wide exposure he earned last year, he has a great chance to win. But that victory is *far* from a foregone conclusion! The Democratic Party machine is ever-formidable and will not roll over.

Here is a summary of the key policies Howie will promote as 4th District Councilor:

  • Jobs – A Community Hiring Hall to insure a fair share of city-funded jobs for inner city residents
  • Fully-Funded Schools and City Services through progressive tax reforms that tax the rich
  • Youth Jobs and Recreation Programs to cut crime and violence
  • Lower Utility Rates for residents and businesses through a city-owned Public Power utility
  • Community-Owned Businesses – planned, financed, and advised by a Municipal Development Bank
  • Transportation Justice – Better bus service and bike and pedestrian paths for the 4th District

The only thing that makes sense is for Greens from around New York to support this opportunity for the GP to win its first partisan election in NY State, ever! Here’s what they need in Syracuse:

1. Virtual Phone Banking: you can call to follow up with Howie’s donor list so the campaign can buy the printed materials and media it needs to turn out the vote for the Greens! You can sign up here: www.howiehawkins.com/2011/index.php/volunteer
— include in the message you live outside of Syracuse and want to phone bank virtually.

2. Come to Syracuse and help doorknock and canvass: There are three weekends left before the election, so come up to Syracuse!  Email 2011@howiehawkins.com to schedule your visit.

3. Donate to Howie’s campaign! They want to put a billboard, they need to print more — you know the drill, a campaign running to *win* always needs more resources. There is a donate form on his website: http://www.howiehawkins.com/2011/index.php/donate

You can also mail a check to Hawkins for Council
P.O. Box 562
Syracuse NY 13205

Do you want a Green to win a partisan election in NY State for the first time, ever? Do you want to build on our ballot status victory from last year? Do you want a great 2011 victory to take us into the 2012 election campaign, when we can build a strong Green Party nationwide? Then help this campaign!

Dave Schwab


  1. I donated $5! It’s so important to support Green campaigns like this across the country that have a good chance of winning and advancing the party in that way. If we had had just a bit more support from Greens for Mark Miller in MA, maybe he would’ve won by 100 votes rather than losing by a bit more than that.

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