Jill Stein Campaigns for President in California

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, is currently campaigning in California. See the press release below for details. There will be campaign stops in Mountain View, Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Napa, Occupy Oakland, Green city Fairfax, Sacramento, Los Angeles, North Hollywood…

~ “The Candidate of the 99%” to cheer on Occupy Wall Street protests in 5+ cities ~

(Boston) — Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will tour the Golden State next week, with visits planned to Occupy Wall Street protests across California, as well as a presidential primary debate before the Green Party of California state convention in Los Angeles. The tour begins Monday, November 28th, and runs through Monday, December 5th (full schedule below).

“The American people are standing up in a way we haven’t seen in generations, and they are providing the leadership that isn’t coming from the political elite,” Jill Stein said. “The people have to take charge because the political parties that are serving the top 1 percent are not going to solve the problems that the rest of us face.”

Jill Stein announced her presidential campaign on Monday, October 24th, before a crowd of supporters at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston. Stein is a medical doctor and prominent health care advocate. Her California tour follows on a statewide tour of her childhood home of Illinois earlier this month.
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Spanish Green Party’s vote doubled in recent election

In Spain’s recent general election, which was marked by a victory for the conservative People’s Party, Spain’s young Green party (EQUO) doubled its vote from the previous election. From the European Green Party:

Votes for Green parties doubled in when compared to the last parliamentary election three years ago in Spain; however the absolute majority obtained by the PP in the latest elections marks the beginning of a dark period for the country.

In Catalonia the EGP member party ICV consolidated their growing trend with a historical result and an important growth from 1 to 3 seats.

Overall, the newly-born party EQUO got over 300,000 votes all over the country, a good result for a party only two months old, which suffered from from the election being called early. It nonetheless managed to reach 2% of the vote in Madrid and 1.5% nationally in such a short time. Furthermore, the Compromis-Equo coalition obtained parliamentary representation thanks to the one seat gained in Valencia. Continue Reading


Vancouver Green Party wins first city council seat

From Straight.com in Vancouver, Canada:

Adriane Carr calls her win in the Vancouver civic election last weekend a “victory for democracy”.

On a budget of about $15,000, the Green candidate managed to secure a city council seat, narrowly beating out COPE councillor Ellen Woodsworth by 91 votes. The win marks the first city council spot for the Green party in Vancouver. Continue Reading


Study: Majority of young New Zealanders favor Green Party

On top of polls that show the New Zealand Green Party heading for its best result yet in this weekend’s general election, here’s more good news for the Kiwi Greens’ future:

Otautahi Youth Council, an independent Christchurch-based youth body, ran an online project targeted at Cantabrians between 14 and 24, simulating the general election experience…

The results showed participants overwhelmingly preferred the Green party, giving them 53 per cent of the party vote, compared to 26 per cent for National and 22 per cent for Labour.

Read the full article at The Press NZ.


Green Party Presidential Forum Dec 3: Kent Mesplay & Jill Stein

There will be a Green Party Presidential Forum in Los Angeles on December 3, featuring Dr. Kent Mesplay and Dr. Jill Stein, two candidates seeking the Presidential nomination. We have not been able to confirm whether the event will be livestreamed or not, but we will certainly cover it if it is.

Facebook Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/302578003094973/


Fairvote reports on instant runoff voting elections in 6 cities

Rob Richie and Dorothy Scheeline of Fairvote have written some interesting analysis of last week’s elections that used instant runoff voting, aka ranked choice voting. Instant runoff voting was used in San Francisco, CA, St. Paul, MN, and Portland, ME; in all three cities, Greens both helped enact IRV and ran in last Tuesday’s elections. For the mayoral elections in Portland and San Francisco, Fairvote has graphs that show the breakdown of votes round by round until someone takes a majority (in Portland, Greens David Marshall and John Eder finished 4th and 12th of 15; in SF, Green Terry Baum finished 11th of 16). In a Huffington Post article, Richie and Scheeline focus on the story of IRV’s success in Portland:

Repeatedly, we are seeing RCV winners being the candidates who do a particularly effective job at reaching out to voters, often with direct contact involving community debates, local events, and door-knocking. One Portland candidate, David Marshall, said he knocked on 20,000 doors. He didn’t win, but it was ballots from his supporters that provided a particularly strong boost to the new mayor’s win total.


European Greens issue declaration on economic crisis

From the European Green Party:

Eurocrisis: Green Paris Declaration adopted

European Green Parties representatives adopted in Paris a 12-points political proposal to step out of the current financial, social and economic crisis affecting Europe, and a roadmap for the refounding of the European project: European Greens are convinced that the European project needs to find a new sense of direction and purpose.

These crises are eroding social cohesion and leading to political disintegration of the continent, driving us to irrelevance in the 21st century. Any scenario leading to the break-up of the Euro-zone, which would be the first step of the political disintegration of Europe, is unacceptable to us. Conversely though, any enhanced political integration of the Euro-zone cannot lead to the crystallization of a two-speed Europe”, said Philippe Lamberts, MEP and co-chair of the European Green Party. Continue Reading