More Green Party results for November 2011 elections

Here are some initial results from some of Tuesday’s elections involving Green Party candidates:

St. Paul, MN: Greens posted strong results in all 3 city council races they contested, in the city’s first election using instant runoff voting. In Ward 1, Johnny Howard came in 2nd with 26%. In Ward 2, in a race with 5 candidates, Jim Ivey took 27% of first-choice votes, while incumbent Dave Thune had 37%. As no candidate received over 50% of first-choice votes, the race will proceed to runoff rounds, and Ivey could still win the seat. In Ward 6, Bee Kevin Xiong finished 2nd behind a longtime incumbent with 45% of the vote.

Syracuse, NY: New York Green Party standard-bearer Howie Hawkins lost the race for City Council 4th District to Democratic/Working Families nominee Khalid Bey by 82 votes, finishing with 48%. In years of running underdog campaigns, from city council to US Senate and NY Governor, this is the closest Hawkins has come to winning yet.

Philadelphia, PA: In a 3-way race for sheriff, Cheri Honkala finished 3rd with over 10,000 votes for 6.6%. Brian Rudnick earned 12% in a 2-way race for 8th District City Council.

Toledo, OH: Anita Rios earned 1,888 votes to take 29% in a two-way partisan race with a Democratic incumbent.

Arlington, VA: In a 3-way races for 2 seats, Audrey Clement finished 3rd behind 2 Democratic incumbents with 16.5% of the vote.

More results to come! In the meantime, check gp.org or your state’s Green Party page for more info.

Dave Schwab


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