Jill Stein Campaigns in Illinois, wins 27% in WIU Mock Election

Green Party’s Stein Pulls 27% in Mock Presidential Election

Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President, racked up a surprising 27% of the vote at the recent “Road to the White House” convention held at Western Illinois University.

The election was part of a mock convention involving over 1000 students in the midwest. The process began with party conventions to nominate candidates for the Democratic, Republican, and Green Parties. Then a general election was held. The final vote showed a three-way split with President Obama taking 39% of the vote, Romney 33%, and Stein 27%.

Stein’s showing was remarkable for an event that organizers assumed would be largely restricted to the two major parties. On a website describing the mock election, organizers explained their focus on the traditional parties by saying that “While there are many minor or third parties in American politics, our system is essentially a two-party system.” Kristen Davis, a Stein supporter at Western Illinois University said “For the students on my campus, this is by no means a two-party election. The Green Party surge is unbelievable.”

In previous years, the vote of the upper midwest students has predicted the eventual results of the Presidential election. The Stein campaign cited their 27% vote as proof that 2012 will be a year in which Greens will radically alter the political scene and become a major voice of opposition to conventional politics.

Stein said “Young people have been told that they have to choose between two parties that have been smothering them with student debt and destroying their future. We gave them a real alternative, and they responded. This is how real change in Washington begins – by just saying ‘NO’ to candidates that you don’t really trust.”

Here is Jill Stein addressing Western Illinois University last weekend:

Ronald Hardy


  1. I have to say, once she gets talking about her issues, Jill Stein is really strong. This is what we need, a candidate that will push and push on the Green New Deal.

  2. way to go, Jill Stein! The Green party needs you and the country needs you. Keep up the good work and keep on truckin’!

  3. Good for her, but honestly it is a huge jump between this and receiving anywhere near that percentage of the votes next November

  4. If some Greens can convince their party to develop a huge, untapped resource and organize students at campuses around America, I believe that Jill Stein could poll similar numbers of the nationwide student vote. Ideas spread quickly on campuses – especially ideas like the Green New Deal – and studies have shown that first-time voters are the most open to voting outside the D-R box.

      • Yes – potentially. There are definitely enough Green and Green-friendly students out there to organize a presence for Jill Stein at campus political events. What the GP, College Greens, and the Stein campaign have to do is reach out to them, put them in touch with a volunteer coordinator, provide free organizing manuals (‘how to bring Jill Stein’s campaign to your school’) and campaign materials (leaflets, videos, etc.), and create a network to share ideas and experiences. The students will do the rest, just like my friends and I promoted Cynthia McKinney at our school in 2008, even without any help from above.

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