2011 MA Green Party convention set for December 10th

From the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

Our party is on the move and we need your help.  The GRP annual convention is scheduled for December 10, 2011, in Worcester at the First Unitarian Church.  This is a spectacular space, and we’d like to make this convention as good as it can be. Please Join Us! To pre-register, click here.
Our convention is a time to come together, conduct party business, share visions, grow the party, and prepare for 2012.  The time is right and we are on the right side of history.

So here’s where we need your help. We want to reach out to every registered GRP member in Massachusetts. We need help with lots of other little tasks too. Please choose the task that’s right for you, and let us know we can count on you to join in and volunteer.

Your pledge will count the most if you respond by November 15th.

Here is the list of volunteer opportunities to choose from:

  1. phone caller: pledge to make 40 phone calls each between now and the convention.  A great task for outgoing people ready to get things done.
  2. data management: pledge to help look up and enter data and contact information. A great task for shy people ready to make change happen.
  3. Convention Day Jobs.  We need help with planning for food, coordinating carpools, audio/visual assistance, and help with convention logistics.
  4. Volunteer Coordinators.  Are you good with people, willing to learn, positive, listen, and encouraging?   Would you like to learn what it takes to be a great Volunteer Coordinator?  We’ll show you.  This is an opportunity to learn knowledge and skills in one of the most important jobs in organizing.

Please contact our Volunteer Intake Coordinator, David Gerry by calling 857-891-7175 or, if you prefer,  send David an email. But do it soon, please!

Make a little time if you’re good on the phone and we’ll make strong connections to grow our party in 2012!  Hope to hear from you so pick up the phone!  Give David a ring or send him an email.

Thank you for supporting the Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party.  Hope to see you at the convention on December 10, 2011! Click here to register.

Dave Schwab

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  1. New England Super-state Parliament Circuit #1

    Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont

    Patrick Sullivan [Democrat], Elizabeth Rozicki [Flying Saucer], James Mason [Atheist], Stuart A. Snyder [Libertarian Green], A. Avi Snyder [Labor], Madison Samson [Non-Party], Michael Merola [Unaffiliated], Adena Wilcox [Info. Not Avail], John Dvorak [Hemp], Nate Marini [Libertarian], Gerald E. Sykes [Republican], Jorge Gonzales [Info. Not Avail.], Dennis Hubbard [Info. Not Avail.], Abe Torkelton [Info. Not Avail.], Joshua Colwell [Green], Victoria Quest [Reform], Dylan Michael Wicks [Pot], Wendy Tischler [Pansexual Peace], Lisa Kissel [Libertarian], George Plumb [Green and Vermont Progressive], Finvek [Libertarian], Adam M. Rodriguez [Democrat]

    Updated on 10/19/2011
    Total 22 MSPs

    Can’t wait to find more vote counters who like to work with all parties and independents under ranked choice voting and majority rule (50% plus one vote = majority).

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    Volunteer Vote Counter

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