Jill Stein says reprieve on Keystone Pipeline means “keep the pressure on”

From Jill Stein for President:

Yesterday, Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein issued a statement congratulating climate change activists for forcing the Obama administration to back away from quick approval of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline.

“This is a positive step, a reprieve won through activism and political pressure. Only six weeks ago it was clear that the Obama administration was willing to open the door to a measure that spelled climate disaster. What changed was not a sudden outbreak of environmental concern in the administration, but what they all but admit is a political calculation that pipeline approval would cost the President votes if announced before the presidential election. One way to keep the pressure on the White House into 2013 is to build the Green Party as a political alternative in 2012.”

She went on to point out that, “Thursday’s statement from the State Department makes it clear that the sticking point in their minds is the route of the pipeline. This fails utterly to address the critical issue – which is the amount of carbon that will be exhausted into the atmosphere from the Canadian tar sands.  No matter which route is taken, this pipeline is a disaster for the planet. No further study is needed to come to this conclusion. As president, I would terminate this project so that we can move forward to a green energy future.”

Jill Stein has the qualities of courage, conviction, and integrity that we are looking for in a presidential candidate. The Jill Stein for President campaign is seeking volunteers and donations. I hope you will join Dr. Stein as she moves forward in growing the green alternative.

In that same statement yesterday, Jill Stein expressed the belief, shared by many climate activists, that the President’s delay is an attempt to avoid risking further alienation of green voters before the election, saying that, “If there is anything we have learned, it is that the White House is skilled at articulating environmental concerns and then betraying those hopes.” As examples of tough talk followed by capitulation, she cited the White House’s permitting of mountaintop removal by coal companies in Appalachia and the resumption of offshore oil leases following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. And the battle over tar sands is not over. Keystone XL developer Transcanada says it remains confident that the pipeline will eventually be approved. And another pipeline company is planning to import oil from tar sands using a pipeline that will not need State Department approval.

Jill Stein is criss-crossing the country, talking up her comprehensive plan to combat climate change. Stein has proposed a “Green New Deal” that would create millions of green jobs through investment in weatherization, renewable energy, clean manufacturing, sustainable agriculture, public transportation and reforestation.  The Green New Deal, according to Stein, would be paid for by redirecting trillions of dollars being squandered on wars for oil, Wall Street bailouts, and tax breaks for the wealthy. She says she will also end the White House’s subsidies for “clean coal” schemes.

“Climate change is a ticking time bomb.  But instead of taking decisive action to protect us against the danger, the Obama administration is studying which route to take on the way to the destruction of our climate. The political pressure that stayed the President’s hand this week is exactly what we need to stop all the climate-destroying schemes being supported by the administration and instead put people to work building a carbon-free, secure, and sustainable energy future.”

Three weeks ago, Jill Stein launched her campaign by announcing plans to be on the ballot in over 40 states.  She has repeatedly said she hopes her candidacy will provide extra leverage for climate activists seeking to halt destructive projects.  “President Obama’s campaign strategists will soon realize that environmental voters can’t be taken for granted because the Green Party is going to provide those voters with a truly green alternative. That creates a dynamic that makes the environmental movement much more effective.”

Please help grow the green alternative in 2012. Please join me in joining Jill Stein in her campaign. Please DONATE HERE. Thank you.

In Solidarity,
Ben Manski
Fmr. Co-Chair, Green Party of the U.S.

Dave Schwab

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  1. Your opinions and uneducated views are humorous. It’s amazing that we have had thousands of miles of pipeline operation for 50 years and now all of a sudden…….DISASTER LOOMS. Look outside at what you driven to work today and see what your friends and neighbors are driving. See what your children are going to school in, look at how you arrived at Washington, take a look in your kitchen at all the products, do you see the petroleum used to make your cups and plates you eat from. How about the products up and down the street that used petroleum to make so your trash could go away. If you are so concerned about the potential hazard to the environment then don’t allow this product to go to CHINA as opposed to the US because they don’t care at all, they will just dump the excess on the ground and keep moving as they sell it to us. WAKE UP and implement engineered controls if you are concerned; annulus with spill detection is one easy method to plan in safety. HELLO 30,000 new jobs.

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