Green Party to hold 2012 national convention in Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Though it won’t be on the same scale as the huge political affairs expected in Tampa or Charlotte, Baltimore will nevertheless have a slice of the presidential convention scene next year. The city is the only candidate remaining to host the Green Party’s 2012 convention, a state party leader said Monday.

The party’s national committee is voting this week to select a city to host its presidential nominating convention, but Baltimore is the only option still in the running after Sacramento dropped its bid Friday. The event, which the party expects to draw hundreds of delegates, will take place at the University of Baltimore from July 12-15.

“We think that 2012 is going to be a big year when the Green Party can really break through,” said Brian Bittner, co-chair of the state party. “In Baltimore, we want to be the place where everyone can come from around the country.”

News of the convention comes as third party candidates, including Greens, have struggled to get on the ballot in Maryland. The state Green and Libertarian parties sued the Maryland State Board of Elections this year after officials ruled the parties failed to win enough votes in 2010 to qualify for ballot positions. The lawsuit is pending on appeal.

Asked about holding a national convention in a state where the party has had difficulty getting on the ballot, Bittner noted that third parties have faced similar problems in many states. “That’s an issue we hope to bring attention to,” he said. “What we’ve been going through in Maryland [is] sort of emblematic” of what the party has faced elsewhere.

Republicans will host their party’s convention in Tampa Aug. 27-30 and the Democrats will head to Charlotte the following week.

The 2008 Green Party convention was held in Chicago.

Dave Schwab

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  1. Great news everyone, the ultra-conservative Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system where very few votes are wasted or thrown away, has resulted in a coalition between the Constitution/Libertarian/Free Parliamentary Parties.

    The chair of the Alaska Constitution Party, Platform Minister J.R.Myers [Constitution], had ranked 123 items on the eballot before the 11/11/11 deadline, and as a result we have 40 items approved by all voting members by a majority of 50% plus one vote.

    Get ready for 2012, we need everyone to help build this ultra-conservative coalition, and we need your help.

    Our singer Tiffany [N/A] and possibly other musicians who played at our national convention last July 4th 2011 in Monterey California, are interested in performing at the 4/20/2012 Constitution Party convention in Nashville Tennessee, to help build on the coalition.

    I will be promoting the coalition more over the next five months, and the efforts include a culmination at the national Libertarian Party convention in Las Vegas NV, in mid-May of 2012, and we need your help to cement the coalition at that time.

    Meanwhile, check out Tiffany’s [N/A] photo, when she performed at our 2011 convention, check out our platform, and please sign up ASAP to help coordinate.

    Here’s the link to the photo, and the links to the Constitution, Libertarian and Free Parliamentary Parties are also linked on this web site:


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